Parts of a Skateboard Truck: Essential Guide for Riders

Parts of a skateboard truck consists of the baseplate, hanger, bushings, kingpin, and washers. Each part plays a crucial role in the skateboard’s performance and handling.

Skateboarding thrives on the intricate balance and artful maneuvers that riders perform. The truck, a critical component of the skateboard, is central to control and stability. The baseplate anchors the truck to the skateboard deck, connecting the two securely. Suspended from the baseplate, the hanger supports the skateboard’s wheels and allows for pivoting movement.

Encircled by the hanger, bushings cushion the ride and affect the board’s turning responsiveness. At the heart of this mechanism, the kingpin bolt holds the parts together and can be adjusted to change the tightness of turns. Lastly, washers sit between the bushings and the nuts on the kingpin to ensure smooth movement and distribute pressure evenly. Understanding these parts is essential for skaters looking to refine their rides and maintain their boards.

Components Of A Skateboard Truck

Let’s dive right into the heart of a skateboard: the truck. This metal T-shaped piece connects to the skateboard deck and holds the wheels in place. But it’s more than just a simple connector – it’s a complex assembly of parts that allows for precision steering and stability. Whether you’re dropping into a halfpipe or cruising the streets, understanding these components is crucial.

Parts of a Skateboard Truck


The baseplate is the flat section of the truck that bolts directly to the deck. With four mounting holes, it secures the truck to the skateboard, ensuring every trick lands steady.

  • Bolts onto the skateboard deck
  • Provides stable foundation for the truck


The hanger is where the magic happens, literally acting as the hook for the wheels. It’s the movable part that pivots and turns according to your moves, giving you all that control.

  • Supports the axle on which wheels are mounted
  • Pivots for steering and maneuvering


Bushings are small rubber rings sitting snug inside the truck. They might be small, but they pack a punch in controlling how your skateboard feels and responds.

Bushing TypeFunction
Soft BushingsEasier turning, less stability
Medium BushingsBalanced turning and stability
Hard BushingsMore stability, harder to turn
  • Affect turning radius and board feel
  • Can be swapped for customization

Function Of Each Truck Component

Skateboard trucks are critical for performance. They connect wheels to the deck. Each component ensures smooth riding and precision. Let’s explore their functions.

Parts of a Skateboard Truck


Baseplates are the foundation of trucks. They fasten trucks to the deck. With four screws, they provide a secure fit and stability.

  • Attaches truck to the skateboard
  • Ensures uniform stress distribution
  • Holds the kingpin and pivot cup


The hanger is the largest part of the truck. It supports the axle on which wheels are mounted. It enables sharp turns and withstands grind impacts.

TurningFacilitates board manipulation during turns
GrindingProvides a durable surface to slide on rails and edges


Bushings are the rubber cushions inside trucks. They dictate board responsiveness. Softer bushings make turning easier. Harder ones stabilize during high speeds.

  1. Manage turning resistance
  2. Adjust to skater’s weight and style
  3. Absorb shock from impacts
Parts of a Skateboard Truck

Anatomy of a Turn

Imagine a waltz, a graceful dance of interconnected parts. As you lean into the turn, the baseplate digs into the deck, anchoring the whole movement. The hanger, like a ship’s prow, cuts through the air, guided by the kingpin’s firm grip. The bushings, the playful jesters, squish and compress, dictating how quickly the turn unfolds. Loose bushings allow for playful, flowing carves, while tighter ones create a more stable, controlled lean. Axles, the silent workhorses, spin effortlessly, carrying the wheels and propelling you forward. Washers and speed rings, the vigilant knights, glide between metal surfaces, preventing friction and ensuring a smooth, silent turn.

Customization Corner

Want a truck that feels like an extension of your body? Bushings are your secret weapon! Swapping them out lets you personalize your ride. Loose bushings, like fluffy clouds, create a playful, carving experience. Tight bushings, like iron bars, offer rock-solid stability for technical maneuvers. Don’t forget the hanger! Different shapes and sizes can influence your style. Wider hangers offer more stability for bowls and ramps, while narrower ones are nimble for street skating.

Maintenance Tips Parts of a Skateboard Truck

A well-maintained truck is a happy truck, and a happy truck keeps you safe. Tighten those kingpin nuts regularly, like a blacksmith tightening his forge. Check for cracks or damage, like a knight inspecting his armor. Proper care prevents wobbles, the dreaded gremlins of the skatepark, and ensures you can shred with confidence.

Remember, your skateboard truck is a symphony of parts, each playing its role in the grand performance of a turn. By understanding their anatomy, customizing their feel, and keeping them in top shape, you’ll be dancing on the pavement in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Parts Of A Skateboard Truck

What Are The Rubber Things On Skateboard Trucks Called?

The rubber components on skateboard trucks are called bushings. These essential parts provide cushioning and help control turning.

What Are Skateboard Parts?

Skateboard parts include the deck, trucks, wheels, bearings, grip tape, and hardware. Each component plays a crucial role in the skateboard’s performance and feel.

What Is A Kingpin On A Skateboard Truck?

A skateboard truck’s kingpin is the large bolt that holds the parts of the truck together, allowing for adjustable turning and pivot.

What Is A Truck On A Skateboard?

A skateboard truck is the metal T-shaped component that mounts onto the skateboard deck underside, attaching the wheels and bearings, enabling steering and stability during use.


Understanding the various components of a skateboard truck is crucial for both beginners and experienced riders alike. By familiarizing yourself with parts like the baseplate, hanger, and bushings, you can make informed decisions about customizations and repairs. This knowledge not only enhances your ride but also ensures safety.Keep rolling, keep learning, and let every skate session be an opportunity to fine-tune your skateboard for the perfect ride.

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