Softest Skateboard Wheels: Glide Smooth on Any Surface!

The softest skateboard wheels typically have a durometer rating of 78A. These wheels are ideal for smooth rides and better grip on rough surfaces.

Skating enthusiasts often seek the softest wheels for a comfortable cruising experience. Soft wheels absorb more vibrations and handle street obstacles with ease, making for a forgiving ride on uneven terrain. Choosing the right skateboard wheels can significantly affect your ride’s comfort and performance.

While harder wheels are great for tricks and park skating, soft wheels offer the cushioning needed for street cruising and commuting. As such, the durometer scale becomes a crucial factor in selecting the appropriate wheel softness. Riders looking to glide over cracks and pebbles without the jarring experience offered by harder wheels should consider the plush feel of a 78A wheel set.

Factors Affecting Wheel Softness

When it comes to finding the softest skateboard wheels, a few key factors significantly influence their suppleness and ride quality. Understanding these can help skaters select the perfect wheels for a smooth and comfortable skateboarding experience, particularly when cruising or performing tricks on rough surfaces. Let’s delve into the vital aspects that determine wheel softness.

Softest Skateboard Wheels

Material Composition

The materials used in skateboard wheel manufacturing play a pivotal role in their softness. Most wheels are made from polyurethane, a versatile plastic that can be engineered to varying levels of hardness. High-quality polyurethane ensures that the wheels are not only soft but also durable and resistant to abrasions.

Additionally, some wheels may incorporate additives or proprietary blends that enhance their grip and rebound, further affecting their softness and ride feel. Here is an outline of common material choices:

  • Polyurethane (PU) – The industry standard for softness and durability.
  • Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) – Often found in softer wheels designed for grip.

Wheel Durometer Rating

The durometer rating is a measurement of a wheel’s hardness. It indicates the amount of pressure a wheel can withstand before it starts to compress. Typically, the scale ranges from 0 to 100, with higher numbers denoting harder wheels. For the softest wheels, look for ratings between 75A to 87A. These are generally ideal for street skating and can absorb more shock from rough terrain. Here’s a simplified breakdown:

Durometer ScaleSuitable For
75A – 87ASmooth rides on rough surfaces
88A – 95ACombination of grip and speed
96A – 99ABetter speed on smoother surfaces
100A and aboveMaximum speed, less grip

In summary, the ideal choice for those seeking the softest skateboard wheels should focus on high-quality polyurethane composition and a lower durometer rating. Such wheels provide the best combination of softness, comfort, and functionality, paramount for an unrivaled skateboarding experience.

Benefits Of Soft Skateboard Wheels

Exploring the urban landscape on a skateboard is an exhilarating experience. Yet, the right set of wheels can transform every ride into a buttery-smooth adventure. Soft skateboard wheels are like the perfect buffer zone between you and the bustling streets. Adaptable and forgiving, they provide an array of advantages for both novice riders and seasoned skaters. Let’s delve into the benefits that make soft wheels the go-to choice for an unparalleled skating experience.

Smooth Ride On Rough Surfaces

One of the hallmarks of soft wheels is their ability to provide a smooth ride, especially on uneven terrains. Unlike their harder counterparts, these wheels absorb the shocks and bumps you encounter on your journey. Whether it’s cracked sidewalks or pebble-strewn paths, soft wheels handle them as if you’re gliding on a wave of silicone.

  • Absorbs vibrations for less rider fatigue
  • Provides a glide-like sensation over rough textures
  • Reduces the chance of unexpected jolts and slips

Enhanced Grip And Control

Soft wheels are not just about comfort; they offer improved traction for enhanced maneuverability. This means more confidence in your turns and better performance during tricks. The increased grip reduces the likelihood of sliding out on slick surfaces, providing greater control when you need it the most.

Sticky Urethane CompoundImproved traction on various surfaces
Wider Contact PatchStable base for better balance and control

Considerations When Choosing Soft Wheels

Softest Skateboard Wheels
Softest Skateboard Wheels

Soft wheels are a popular choice for skaters of all levels, offering a smooth and comfortable ride on rough terrain. But with so many options available, choosing the right ones can be tricky. This guide will help you navigate the key factors to consider:

Skater’s Weight and Preference:

  • Weight: Heavier riders need softer wheels (around 78A – 87A) to absorb impact and prevent wheel bite. Lighter riders can opt for slightly firmer wheels (87A – 95A) for better control and responsiveness.
  • Preference: Consider your comfort level. Softer wheels offer a smoother ride but may feel less stable at high speeds. Firmer wheels offer more stability but can be bumpier.

Terrain and Style of Skating:

  • Terrain: Smooth surfaces like skateparks call for firmer wheels (87A – 95A) for speed and control. Rougher terrain like streets or ramps needs softer wheels (78A – 87A) for shock absorption.
  • Style: Different skating styles have different needs. Cruising and longboarding benefit from softer wheels (78A – 87A) for comfort and distance. Technical skating like street or park requires firmer wheels (87A – 95A) for better control and responsiveness.

Balancing Grip and Slide:

  • Grip: Softer wheels offer better grip, ideal for beginners or technical skating. Firmer wheels offer less grip, making them better for slides and tricks.
  • Slide: Consider how much sliding you want to do. Slide-focused wheels are very firm (95A+) and wear quickly. All-around wheels offer a balance of grip and slide.

Compatibility with Skateboard Setup:

  • Wheel size: Ensure the wheels fit your trucks and deck. Standard sizes are 52mm, 54mm, and 56mm. Larger wheels offer a smoother ride but may rub against the deck.
  • Truck width: Your trucks should be compatible with the wheel width. Wider trucks allow for wider wheels, offering more stability.

Bonus Tip: Consider getting different sets of wheels for different purposes, like a softer set for cruising and a firmer set for tricks.

Popular Soft Wheel Brands

  • Ricta Clouds: Beloved for their “NRG” formula, known for speed, durability, and flatspot resistance. Available in slim, wide, and rounded profiles for diverse styles. Customer reviews laud their comfort and grip, with some noting faster wear at higher durometers.
  • Spitfire Soft Classics: Iconic brand delivers their signature performance in softer options (78A – 87A). Riders praise their control and shock absorption, while some wish for more slideability.
  • Bones SPF Series: These encompass various durometers and shapes for specific disciplines. P2 wheels dominate mini ramps and vert for their smoothness and stability, while P5 and P6 tackle bowls with wider cuts for better edge control. Reviews highlight their quality and performance, but mention potential costliness.
  • OJ Thunder Juice: Hand-cast with their “Flatspot Resistant” formula, these promise smooth rides and resilience. Riders appreciate their affordability and durability, with some desiring improved grip at higher speeds.
  • Mini Logo Cruiser/Street Wheels: Budget-friendly option with decent performance. Customers love their value and smooth roll, but note they might wear faster than premium brands.

Real-World Rides on Soft Wheels

Softest Skateboard Wheels
Softest Skateboard Wheels

Soft skateboard wheels are gaining traction (pun intended!), promising a smoother, more comfortable experience. But how do they translate from hype to reality? We hit the streets (and parks!) to chat with skaters and uncover the gritty truths and buttery triumphs of soft wheels.

Shredding the Streets:

  • Mia, the Cruiser: “I used to avoid cracks like a plague! Now, my 80A Ricta Clouds just roll right over them. My commutes are chill, and I even hit the occasional mini ramp without feeling like I’m gonna shatter.”
  • Alex, the Park Rat: “I switched to 87A Spitfire Softies for vert skating. The landings are way more forgiving, and I can push harder without worrying about bone bruises. But yeah, they don’t slide as easily as my old wheels.”
  • Ben, the Trick Master: “I wouldn’t ditch my hard wheels for technical stuff, but my 78A Mini Logo Cruisers are awesome for warming up and cruising around town. They feel like butter on the rough sidewalks!”

Balancing the Smooth and the Sketchy:


  • Comfort: Smoother rides, especially on rough terrain.
  • Shock absorption: Reduced impact on joints, ideal for beginners and older riders.
  • Grip: Better traction, perfect for cruising and carving.


  • Speed: Can be slightly slower than harder wheels.
  • Slideability: Less suitable for grinds and slides.
  • Wear and tear: Softer wheels tend to wear down faster.

Frequently Asked Questions For Softest Skateboard Wheels

Are 78a Wheels Too Soft?

78A wheels are not too soft; they offer a smooth ride on rough surfaces and are ideal for cruising and filming.

What Is A Soft Skateboard Wheel?

A soft skateboard wheel is designed for smooth rides and better grip on rough surfaces, typically featuring a durometer rating below 90A. These wheels absorb shocks well, making them ideal for cruising and filming.

Do Softer Skateboard Wheels Go Faster?

Softer skateboard wheels generally offer smoother rides, not necessarily faster speeds. Harder wheels are faster on smooth surfaces.

Should I Use Hard Or Soft Wheels?

Choose soft wheels for smoother rides on rough surfaces; opt for hard wheels for better speed and control on smooth surfaces.

What Determines The Softness Of Skateboard Wheels?

Soft skateboard wheels are rated by a durometer scale, typically using the ‘A’ scale; lower numbers indicate softer wheels.


Selecting the right skateboard wheels impacts your ride’s comfort immensely. Embrace the softest options for cushioned, smooth glides. Check reviews and choose based on your skate style. Start rolling effortlessly with premium soft wheels tailored for serene skateboarding experiences!

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