Skateboarding is a great way to enjoy transportation. Getskater’s main motive is to help you enjoy the ride with needed information about skateboards. In getskater’s  blogs, we will tell you about these skateboard types and their proper usage. 


In the early eighteenth century, people invented a new type of equipment for sports which is later named Skateboard. It is the key equipment for Skateboarding. Nowadays it is an ideal transport system. Teenagers or adults often choose skating for fun too. 

Different parts like deck, trucks, bearings, wedges, deck rails, and wheels are needed to make a skateboard. To learn more about skateboards check, getskater got all the information covered for you guys.

According to the position or set up of the skateboard wheels it is divided into 3 major types-

  • Inline skate 
  • Ice skate 
  • Roller skate 
  1. Inline skate 

An inline skate is a form of roller skate where 2 to 5 wheels are positioned in a central frame like a straight line. Unlike other skates, inline skate wheels are set in one behind the other.

 Inline skate is mostly used for better maneuverability and greater speed.

In Inline skate, the central frame is attached to the boot to wear on foot. Other parts including bearing, wheels, brakes, or stop rear that is made with rubber, heel brakes, etc help to ensure the perfect balance of the skater.

You can set up your Inline skate however you want as there are many options. Full rocker, Hi-Lo, anti-rocker, freestyle, and flat are the most common ones. 

  1. Ice skate 

Ice skating is a widely known sport and Ice skate is the most important piece of equipment for this. As skate wheels are hard to balance on the ice, in this skate metal blades are used. With the blade attached to the boot, it is easy to move and play. Ice skating is appreciated for its contribution to cardiovascular health.

The blades of the Ice skate support bearing and brake and help the skater balance his ride. There are many types of ice skates. Among them, these are the most popular types: figure skate, touring skate, bandy skate, Ice hockey skate, and racing skate.

  1. Roller skate 

Roller skate is the most common type of skates as it is easy to ride and balance. Children, teenagers, and adults use it for fun or transportation. In Roller skate, the wheels are positioned on the 2 sides of the shoes or boots. 

Here the boot or shoe is attached with the two wheels on the front and back sides. Other parts are the same as Inline skate. 

Roller skate comes in different types like speed roller skate, roller derby, rink hockey skate, roller dancing, artistic roller skate, jam skate, and many others.

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