Can You Use a Skateboard Deck as a Snowboard? Winter Experiment

Yes, you can use your skateboard deck as your snowboard. However, you must remove the skate wheels first. And then adjust some bindings and edges. 

Don’t forget about the ollies because it’s different on both decks. It would be wise to start with a cheap skateboard and practice a bit before modifying an expensive one.

In the winter, what’s more fun than snow fighting and skiing in the winter? But most of the time, people don’t want to buy a snowboard and use their old skateboard. But can you use a skateboard deck as a snowboard?

There are some similarities between snowboarding and skateboarding. That’s why you can use a skateboard to ski in the snow during the winter. It just needs some time and customization to convert the skateboard into a snowboard. Let’s see some more details to help with your creative ski ways.

Why Use Skateboard Deck As A Snowboard for Snowboarding?

Skateboarding and snowboarding are pretty similar, even with the features. Therefore, most people often use the skateboard deck as their snowboard in winter. Well, there are some specific reasons behind it. Let’s take a glance at the details:

Easy Design Change

You already know that skateboards are a bit longer than snowboards. Therefore, it won’t be easy to slide on the snow, maintaining balance.

However, you can easily make some fundamental design changes with DIY tools and make it usable. First, you must install some bindings and edges after removing the wheels. The snowboards have metal edges.


The skateboards are easier to find compared to the snowboards. Some skateboarders have multiple skateboards and don’t use them. 

Therefore, they make some sales or arrangements so that it can be used as a snowboard in the snowboarding season.


When comparing snowboard prices with skateboards, the snowboard has a higher price. You can easily get a skateboard for just under $200. But in the snowboarding season, the cost can be two or three times higher than a skateboard. As a result, the skateboard is used as an alternate option for snowboards. 

So, if you can convert the existing skateboard to a snowboard with some modification, what’s the point of investing extras on a snowboard?

Can You Use A Skateboard Deck As A Snowboard?

Skateboards have quite similarities to snowboarding. That’s why some people want to use it as an option for their skateboard. It might give you the same vibe as a snowboard. But can you actually use a skateboard deck for snowboarding?

It turns out yes! You can. But the ollie on the skateboard is a bit different than the snowboards. So there would be difficulties first. However, to use the deck for snow skating, you need to optimize it, preferably.


The most comparable design of a skateboard to a snowboard is a longboard. However, you might not feel the same as a snowboard. Therefore, you have to be creative to use it for snowskates.

It’s all about adjustment. It will be a piece of cake if you can adjust to the skateboard when you learn snowboarding.

Prepare The Board

You can’t just jump with the skateboard on the snow. First, prepare the board as your snowboarder. Then, you must remove the wheels from your board and work a bit to make it a snowboard.

They might not have sharp edges like the snow ones. You can install some if you don’t have your board stuck while you ski. It would be best if you practiced with the skateboard on snow. This will help to transfer your skateboarding skills as you are on different terrain.

Similarities Of Skateboarding And Snowboarding
How Can You Convert A Skateboard Into A Snowboard

Beginner Board

If you are a beginner at snowboarding, you can start with a cheap skateboard deck. This will help you to practice and improve your skills. On top of that, it won’t be wise to invest large sums while going on such a conversion.

Similarities Of Skateboarding And Snowboarding

Skateboarding and snowboarding both need skills, especially fundamental ones. Therefore, if you ought to use your skateboard as a snowboard, it would help when you know their similarities.

Skateboards are bigger than the standard street deck. But both of them have a similar accurate balance. That’s why skaters can learn snowboarding pretty fast. But, of course, it also applies to skateboarding skills.

Turning and stopping are the two different rules for both of them. Other than these, all the basic rules are the same. Skaters go through this huge learning curve. So, you can easily handle a skateboard as your snowboard.

When you try to compare snowboard parks and skate parks, you will notice their surrounding object similarities. For example, both have rails, big jumps, and verts. Some people even say that skateboarding skills actually inspired snowboarding.

How Can You Convert A Skateboard Into A Snowboard?

It’s not a tough job to convert your old skateboard to a snowboard as your surf partner. Here are the steps to follow for the conversion:

Step 01: Gather The Materials

First, you’ll need to gather all the essential materials for the conversion. Arrange pen, paper, scissors, skate tools, skateboard, wax, duct tape, and hairdryer.

Step 02: Skate Trucks Removal

Take a screwdriver or Allen wrench to remove the screws and keep the wheels aside. Keep them because they may be handy in the future.

Step 03: Stickers Cover

Most skateboards have stickers, and you must cover them. So, take a piece of paper and cut it according to the size and shape of the stickers. Then, use duct tape to attach the paper pieces.

Step 04: Depression Fill

Take a piece of paper and roll it down. After that, fill the depression with it. Finally, secure the position with duct taping.

Step 05: Use Duct Tape

Now you must use duct tape and attach it lengthwise at the bottom line of the skateboard. And then cover the whole area similarly.

Step 06: Use Wax

It would be best to use odorless wax. First, apply wax all over your skateboard to balance the traction. And then, use your hair dryer to fasten the drying process.

Step 07: Ride And Trial

After ensuring the skateboard is completely dry, you must give it a trial. Then, go out and check it yourself.

Pros and Cons of Using a Skateboard Deck as a Snowboard

Limitations and Risks of Using a Skateboard Deck as a Snowboard: can you use a skateboard deck as a snowboard?
Limitations and Risks of Using a Skateboard Deck as a Snowboard:


  • Inexpensive and easy to find: Skateboard decks are relatively inexpensive and easy to find at most sporting goods stores. This can be a great option for budget-minded snowboarders or those who are just starting out and want to try snowboarding without investing in a lot of expensive gear.
  • Portable: Skateboard decks are also more portable than snowboards, making them easier to transport and store. They can be easily carried in a backpack or strapped to the roof of a car. This can be a great option for snowboarders who live in urban areas or who have limited storage space.
  • Good for learning the basics: Snowskates can be a good way to learn the basics of snowboarding before moving on to a full-size board. They are easier to control and less likely to cause falls.


  • Not designed for snowboarding: Skateboard decks are not designed for snowboarding, so they may not perform as well as a dedicated snowboard. They are less stable and maneuverable, and they are more likely to catch an edge. This can make them more difficult to control, especially on hard or icy surfaces.
  • Prone to breaking: Skateboard decks are also more likely to break than snowboards, especially if you are riding on groomed slopes or in deep powder. This is because skateboard decks are made of wood, which is not as durable as the materials used to make snowboards.
  • Difficult to control without bindings: Without bindings, it can be difficult to control a skateboard deck on hard or icy surfaces. You may have difficulty turning and stopping, and you are more likely to fall.

Overall, using a skateboard deck as a snowboard is a good option for budget-minded snowboarders or those who are just starting out and want to try snowboarding without investing in a lot of expensive gear. However, it is important to be aware of the limitations of skateboard decks and to take precautions to avoid falls and injuries.

Additional things to keep in mind if you are considering using a skateboard deck as a snowboard:

  • Choose a wide deck: A wider deck will be more stable and easier to control.
  • Add bindings: Bindings will give you more control over your board and help to prevent you from falling.
  • Wax your deck: Waxing your deck will help it to glide more smoothly over the snow.
  • Start on easy slopes: Avoid riding on groomed slopes or in deep powder until you have mastered the basics of snowboarding on a skateboard deck.
  • Be aware of your surroundings: Be careful when riding around other snowboarders and skiers, as they may not expect you to be riding on a skateboard deck.

If you are serious about snowboarding, it is best to invest in a dedicated snowboard. However, if you are just looking for a fun and inexpensive way to try snowboarding, using a skateboard deck can be a good option. Just be sure to take precautions to avoid falls and injuries.

Safety tips for using a skateboard deck as a snowboard

Snowboarding is a fun and challenging winter sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. However, it is important to remember that snowboarding can also be dangerous if not done safely. Here are some safety tips for using a skateboard deck as a snowboard:

Safety tips for using a skateboard deck as a snowboard
Safety tips for using a skateboard deck as a snowboard

1. Wear a Helmet and Other Protective Gear.

A helmet is the most important piece of safety gear you can wear when snowboarding. It can protect your head from serious injury in the event of a fall. Other protective gear, such as wrist guards, knee pads, and elbow pads, can also help to reduce the risk of injury.

2. Be Aware of Your Surroundings and Avoid Riding in Crowded Areas.

When snowboarding, it is important to be aware of your surroundings and avoid riding in crowded areas. This will help you to avoid collisions with other riders and obstacles. Be especially careful when riding on slopes with moguls or other obstacles.

3. Start on a gentle slope and gradually work your way up to more challenging terrain.

If you are new to snowboarding, it is best to start on a gentle slope and gradually work your way up to more challenging terrain. This will help you to learn the basics of snowboarding and avoid accidents.

4. Be prepared to fall and get back up.

Even the best snowboarders fall sometimes. If you do fall, don’t panic. Simply try to relax and get back up as quickly as possible. To get back up, roll over onto your stomach and use your hands to push yourself up.

Here are some additional safety tips:

  • Avoid snowboarding alone. Always snowboard with a friend or group of friends.
  • Let someone know where you are going and when you expect to be back.
  • Take breaks throughout the day. Snowboarding can be tiring, so it is important to take breaks to rest and refuel.
  • Be aware of the weather conditions. Avoid snowboarding in high winds, heavy snow, or poor visibility.

Final Words

Snowboarding is a fun play in the winter. Many people find it thrilling. However, the prices of snowboards stay a bit high. So, people try alternate solutions and convert their skateboards into a snowboard for the time being. And it practically works with just some DIY tools.

Can You Use a Skateboard Deck as a Snowboard? Hopefully, the discussion on whether you can use a skateboard deck as a snowboard or not has provided you with the answers. However, don’t lose hope if you don’t find any snowboards nearby. Instead, take your old skateboard and convert it to your fancy ski partner.


Can You Transfer Skateboarding Skills to Snowboarding?

Yes, many skateboarding skills can be transferred to snowboarding. Both sports share similarities in balance, board control, and trick execution. Skills like balance, board control, and spatial awareness can help skateboarders transition smoothly to snowboarding with practice and adaptation to different terrain and conditions.

 Is Snowboarding Easier Than Skateboarding?

Snowboarding and skateboarding have different learning curves, but it’s subjective to say which is easier. Some find snowboarding easier due to the stability of the snow, while others prefer skateboarding for its versatility on various surfaces. It ultimately depends on personal preference and individual skills.

Is snowboarding just like skateboarding?

Snowboarding and skateboarding share some similarities, like riding on a board and performing tricks. However, they differ in terms of terrain, equipment, and technique. Snowboarding takes place on snow-covered slopes, while skateboarding is done on hard surfaces like concrete.

Is a skateboard good for snow?

No, a skateboard is not suitable for snow. Skateboards are designed for hard surfaces, and their wheels and construction are not designed to handle the slippery and uneven terrain of snow. Specialized snowboards are used for snowboarding.

How Hard Is It To Snowboard?

Snowboarding can be challenging for beginners, but with practice and proper instruction, it becomes easier. Learning to balance, control speed, and turn takes time, but most people can become comfortable and enjoy snowboarding with persistence and patience.

What are the risks of using a skateboard deck on snow?

Skateboard decks lack the necessary flex, shape, and materials to provide a safe and enjoyable snowboarding experience. Attempting to use a skateboard deck on snow can lead to loss of control, injuries, and damage to the deck.

Can you attach bindings to a skateboard deck for snowboarding?

It is possible to attach bindings to a skateboard deck to use it for snowboarding. However, the deck’s lack of appropriate features can make it unstable and hazardous, posing a higher risk of accidents.

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