Does a Skateboard Deck Come With Wheels? The Truth Unveiled

A skateboard deck typically does not come with wheels. Wheels must be purchased separately to complete the skateboard setup.

Does a Skateboard Deck Come With Wheels? When shopping for skateboarding gear, it’s essential to understand what components are included with your purchase. A skateboard consists of several parts: the deck, trucks, wheels, bearings, and grip tape. The deck is the flat board you stand on, and while it’s the main component, the wheels are separate.

This is because experienced skaters often prefer customizing their ride with specific wheels that match their skate style, be it for street, park, or ramp skating. Starting with just the deck allows skaters the flexibility to select wheels that offer the right balance of grip, hardness, and durability for their needs. Remember, to ensure you’re ready to roll, check out wheels, bearings, and trucks alongside your deck purchase.

Understanding The Composition Of A Skateboard Deck

When stepping into the vibrant world of skateboarding, it’s essential to recognize that a skateboard deck does not automatically come with wheels. The deck forms the foundation of your skateboard and its design and construction are pivotal for performance. Let’s dive into the materials and features that make each skateboard deck unique and tailored for different styles of skating.

Plywood Construction

Does a Skateboard Deck Come With Wheels
Does a Skateboard Deck Come With Wheels

Plywood Construction

At the heart of every skateboard deck lies its plywood construction. Typically made from seven layers of maple wood, these plies are pressed and bonded together with strong adhesives for resilience and durability. The cross-grained stack not only ensures robustness but also contributes to the deck’s flexibility—a key factor in absorbing impacts and executing tricks.

Size and Shape Variations

Size And Shape Variations

Skateboard decks vary greatly in size and shape, each tailored to suit specific disciplines within skateboarding. Dimensions generally range from 7.5 to 8.5 inches in width and around 28 to 33 inches in length.

Width (inches)Skating Style
7.5 – 8.0Technical street skating
8.0 – 8.5Park and transition skating

Furthermore, shapes can vary from the classic popsicle design to cruisers and old school shapes with distinctive nose and tail proportions, affecting the way a board maneuvers and responds to your actions.

Importance of Concave Design

Importance Of Concave Design

The concave of a skateboard deck plays a crucial role in performance. It’s the subtle curvature across the width of the deck that creates footholds, offering an enhanced grip that aids in flipping, turning, and performing tricks. Decks can feature different levels of concave — flat, medium, or deep — influencing the agility and responsiveness of the skateboard to rider inputs:

  • Flat: Better stability but less responsive to tricks
  • Medium: A balanced choice for both tricks and cruising
  • Deep: Heightened control for advanced tricks and maneuvers

Selecting the right concave is largely based on personal preference and the discipline of skateboarding you wish to pursue.

Exploring The Role Of Skateboard Wheels

When assembling a skateboard, it’s crucial to understand that the deck—the flat, long board you stand on—is just the beginning of your skateboarding setup. The wheels are the skateboard’s connection to the ground, and they play a pivotal role in the board’s performance, handling, and suitability for different skate styles and surfaces. Selecting the right wheels ensures a smooth ride and transforms the deck into a fully-fledged transportation and trick machine. Let’s delve into the specifics of skateboard wheels and their diverse applications.

Does a Skateboard Deck Come With Wheels
Does a Skateboard Deck Come With Wheels

Material And Durometer

Wheels are not just about size; the material they are made from and their hardness significantly influence your skateboarding experience. Most wheels are made from polyurethane (PU), which provides a balance between grip and durability.

  • Durometer measures the wheel’s hardness. A higher durometer means a harder wheel.
  • Hard wheels, typically rated at 99A or higher, cruise faster and are ideal for smooth surfaces.
  • Softer wheels, with ratings like 78A to 87A, absorb more shock, making them perfect for rougher terrain.

Sizing And Compatibility With Deck

Wheel Size (mm)Deck Width (inches)Recommended Use
50-537.5″ or smallerStreet skating, technical tricks
54-597.75″ – 8.25″All-round skateboarding
60+8.25″ or largerVert, pools, cruising

Wheel size must also harmonize with the deck for optimal performance. Smaller wheels offer lower ground clearance and are lighter, benefiting technical skills and flip tricks. Conversely, larger wheels provide better speed and are less affected by rough surfaces.

Impact On Riding Style And Terrain

Wheels are not one-size-fits-all components; instead they tailor the board to its intended use:

  1. Street skating usually benefits from smaller, harder wheels that allow for precise maneuvers on smooth terrain.
  2. Transition skateboarding, found in skateparks and ramps, often uses medium-sized, medium-hardness wheels for a blend of speed and control.
  3. Cruising and long-distance rides are best suited to larger, softer wheels that roll over bumps and cracks effortlessly.

Selecting the appropriate wheels can transform your skating, making a commute through the city an enjoyable glide or turning a skatepark session into a series of crisp aerials and smooth grinds. Synthesize your riding style, habitual terrain, and deck size to pinpoint the perfect wheel set-up for your skateboarding adventures.

The Components Included In A Standard Skateboard Deck

Does a Skateboard Deck Come With Wheels? The quest for the perfect skateboard setup often begins with understanding what components are included with a standard skateboard deck. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, knowing what you’re purchasing helps to manage expectations and ensures you hit the pavement as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Deck-only Purchase Options

Many skateboarders opt for a deck-only purchase. This approach allows for a high level of customization since it involves choosing the other components separately. Typically, a deck-only purchase includes:

  • The skateboard deck, which is the flat board where you stand.
  • Grip tape, a gritty, sandpaper-like layer that is applied to the top of the deck to provide traction.

No wheels, trucks, bearings, or hardware are included in this option. It’s imperative for skateboarders to understand that they will need to source the remaining parts independently to assemble a complete skateboard.

Complete Skateboard Package Details

In contrast to deck-only options, complete skateboard packages offer a hassle-free solution for newcomers or skaters who prefer a ready-to-ride option. A typical complete set includes:

  1. The skateboard deck.
  2. Grip tape professionally applied to the deck.
  3. Two trucks that attach to the underside of the deck.
  4. Four wheels that attach to the trucks.
  5. Eight bearings (two per wheel) that allow the wheels to spin.
  6. A set of hardware (screws and bolts) to secure the trucks to the deck.

In essence, everything is prepared for instant use. This package makes it easy for skaters to get out and ride without the need for further purchases or assembly.

Common Industry Practices

In the skateboarding industry, it is a common practice to find both deck-only and complete options available to cater to different skateboarding enthusiasts. Suppliers know that the personalization of a skateboard can be as unique as the rider themselves, which allows for customization and choice across the board. However, it’s critical to carefully read product descriptions to understand what is included with your purchase. Beginner skates are often advised to start with a complete package, while more experienced skateboarders might look for specialized components to upgrade their setups incrementally.

When purchasing, checking reviews and specifications can avoid any misunderstanding about what is included. Whether it’s a complete skateboard or just the deck, each component plays a pivotal role in the overall skateboarding experience.

Does a Skateboard Deck Come With Wheels?
Does a Skateboard Deck Come With Wheels

Factors Affecting The Inclusion Of Wheels With Skateboard Decks

When embarking on the quest for a new skateboard, enthusiasts often ponder whether a deck will come with those crucial rolling companions, the wheels. The inclusion of wheels with a skateboard deck is not absolute and can depend on multiple factors that shape a consumer’s purchasing journey.

Factors Affecting the Inclusion of Wheels with Skateboard Decks

Customer Preferences And Customization

Every skater’s style and preference are as unique as the tricks they perform. This diversity heavily influences whether decks and wheels are purchased as a bundle or separately. Those who prioritize personalization often opt to purchase wheels individually, selecting specific sizes, hardness, and designs to suit their particular need for speed and aesthetics. On the other hand, newcomers to the skate scene may seek the convenience of a complete set-up, reducing the complexity of their first skateboarding venture.

Marketing And Sales Strategies

Skateboard brands craft their selling strategies to appeal to their target demographics, with sets and separates positioned to maximize both appeal and profits. Manufacturers might offer deals on bundle purchases, encouraging the sales of decks and wheels together. Special editions and collaborations can sway the odds towards combined offerings, tempting customers with the exclusivity and value of a full-package deal. Simultaneously, seasonal promotions may tip the marketing scales, affecting the availability of decks with or without wheels.

Variations In Skateboard Purchasing Options

The ways to buy skateboards have evolved over the years, with skateboard purchasing options ranging widely in today’s market. Brick-and-mortar skate shops might offer a different experience compared to online retailers. Physical stores might provide the tactile advantage of mixing and matching decks and wheels, whereas online platforms could simplify this choice by presenting preset combinations or build-your-own options. Additionally, exclusive online discounts on wheel-deck combos can influence a customer’s decision to embrace the bundle or go à la carte.

Use of Lists in the Content – Example

  • Pre-assembled Skateboards: Ideal for beginners looking for a ready-to-ride experience.
  • Skateboard Decks: Meant for custom builders and experienced skaters who prefer to tailor every component of their skateboard.
  • Wheel Sets: Offered separately for skaters who need replacement wheels or seek customization.

Differentiating Deck-only Purchases And Complete Skateboard Packages

Does a Skateboard Deck Come With Wheels? Embarking on the journey of owning a skateboard often leaves enthusiasts with a critical choice: Should one opt for a deck-only purchase or a complete skateboard package? Understanding the distinctions is key to finding the perfect fit for your skating style and budget. A deck-only purchase offers the canvas for a personalized skateboarding experience, while a complete package provides everything you need to hit the pavement immediately.

Customization Benefits And Considerations

Purchasing just a skateboard deck opens up a realm of customization. It’s the preferred choice for those who:

  • Seek a personalized setup tailored to their skate style and preferences.
  • Already possess quality wheels, trucks, and other hardware.
  • Are looking to upgrade or replace a worn-out deck while keeping their existing components.

Yet, it’s important to consider the compatibility of your existing parts with the new deck. Mismatching components can hinder performance and affect safety.

Potential Cost Savings

Cost is a significant aspect of skateboarding investments. Choosing a deck-only option can often reduce upfront costs. This can be especially appealing if:

  1. High-quality components are already at hand.
  2. You prefer purchasing premium parts separately over time.
  3. Budget constraints limit an immediate full investment.

Long-term savings also accrue from not having to buy a whole new setup when only one part needs replacement.

Individual Components Versus Ready-to-ride Options

Complete skateboard packages come fully equipped with a deck, wheels, bearings, trucks, and grip tape. This option is perfect for beginners or skaters who prefer convenience. A ready-to-ride board delivers:

  • Immediate satisfaction, with no assembly required.
  • An all-in-one solution that’s often more cost-effective than purchasing each component separately.
  • The assurance that parts are matched for optimized performance.

Contrastingly, buying individual components grants more freedom in creating a unique setup but requires more knowledge and involves extra time for assembly and tune-ups.

Exploring The Inclusions In Complete Skateboard Packages

When embarking on the excitement of buying a new skateboard, one fundamental question often surfaces: What does a skateboard deck come with? The answer lies in whether one opts for a standalone deck or a complete skateboard package. While a deck is the flat board you stand on, complete sets can offer much more, making it vital to understand just what’s included. Let’s dive into the essential components typically found in complete skateboard packages and evaluate what this means for riders of varying expertise.


The deck is the central part of a skateboard, where the rider stands and performs tricks. Decks come in various sizes, shapes, and designs, but generally, when purchased alone, they do not include other hardware such as trucks, wheels, or bearings. Prospective buyers need to be aware that standalone decks require the separate acquisition of these additional components.


Trucks are the metal T-shaped pieces that mount onto the underside of the skateboard deck. They function as the axle for the wheels, providing the necessary pivot for steering. Quality trucks are crucial for maintaining stability and control while skating. Complete skateboard packages often include trucks, but specifications can vary, so choosing a set that matches one’s skating style and deck preference is important.


The wheels of a skateboard significantly influence the ride’s smoothness and speed. Complete packages typically feature a set of four wheels made from urethane, with various levels of hardness and durability tailored to different skating environments. In contrast, standalone decks require riders to select and purchase wheels separately.


Bearings are small circular devices fitted inside the wheels, allowing them to roll on the skateboard trucks. A complete skateboard will include two bearings per wheel, essential for wheel rotation and overall board maneuverability. For those assembling a custom board, bearings must be bought in addition to the deck, wheels, and trucks.

Assembly And Maintenance Advantages

  • Complete skateboards come pre-assembled, which is ideal for novices not yet familiar with the intricacies of skateboard assembly.
  • Maintenance can be simpler with complete sets, as components are designed to work together, reducing compatibility issues.

Value For Beginners Versus Experienced Riders

For beginners, a complete skateboard package represents outstanding value. It eliminates the guesswork involved in selecting compatible components and ensures a coordinated setup conducive to learning and progression.

Experienced riders, however, may prefer purchasing individual parts to customize their boards to their specific riding style and needs. Advanced skateboarders often have precise preferences for their deck, trucks, wheels, and bearings, requiring separate purchases to achieve the desired performance.

Understanding the offerings in complete skateboard packages helps determine whether to invest in a ready-to-ride solution or build a personalized setup from scratch. Beginners lean towards complete sets for a hassle-free start, whereas veteran skaters often choose the custom route to fine-tune their ride.


To wrap things up, the typical skateboard deck is sold without wheels. It’s essential for buyers to remember this fact to avoid surprises upon unboxing. Assembling your setup allows for customization to suit your skateboarding style and preferences. Ready to roll?

Don’t forget to pick your ideal wheels separately!

Frequently Asked Questions Of Does A Skateboard Deck Come With Wheels?

How Do You Put Wheels On A Skateboard Deck?

Begin by aligning your skateboard deck’s holes with the truck bases. Insert screws into the holes from the deck’s top. Attach trucks to the screws beneath the deck, tightening the nuts securely. Finally, press the wheels onto the trucks’ axles and secure them with axle nuts.

What Components Come With A Skateboard Deck?

A standard skateboard deck is sold as a flat board without wheels, trucks, grip tape, or hardware.

What Tools Do I Need To Put Together A Skateboard?

To assemble a skateboard, you’ll need a skate tool or wrench set, a Phillips head screwdriver, and potentially grip tape if not pre-applied.

What is a full deck skateboard?

A “full deck” skateboard typically refers to a deck size of 7.5 inches or wider, suitable for riders with shoe sizes 9 or larger and generally aged 13 and above. It’s the standard size for most skating styles, offering stability and control for tricks and maneuvers.

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