How to Remove Trucks from a Skateboard: A Quick Guide

How to remove trucks from a skateboard, unscrew the nuts on the baseplate using a skate tool or wrench. Lift the truck away from the deck after all hardware is removed.

Skateboarding is a thrilling sport that combines agility, skill, and speed. Ensuring your skateboard is in top condition is essential for a safe and enjoyable experience. One of the integral parts of skateboard maintenance is the ability to remove and replace the trucks.

Trucks are the metal T-shaped parts that mount onto the underside of a skateboard deck and secure the wheels and bearings to the board. Whether you’re customizing your setup, cleaning your deck, or replacing worn components, knowing how to correctly remove the trucks is crucial. This straightforward guide helps skateboarders of all levels maintain their gear effectively, promoting an optimized skating experience.

Understanding Trucks And Skateboards

Imagine a skateboard without trucks. It’s like a car without wheels! Trucks connect the wheels to the deck of your skateboard. They play a critical role in how you glide, turn, and perform tricks. Knowing your skateboard’s anatomy helps not just in riding but also in maintenance. Let’s break down trucks and explore the process of removing them.

How to Remove Trucks from a Skateboard
How to Remove Trucks from a Skateboard

What Are Skateboard Trucks?

Skateboard trucks are metal T-shaped pieces that mount onto the underside of a skateboard deck. They consist of several parts including the baseplate, hangar, bushings, kingpin, and axles. Trucks are vital for the steering mechanism of a skateboard. They determine the board’s turning radius and overall stability during rides.

  • Baseplate: Secures the truck to the deck.
  • Hangar: Houses the axle, where the wheels are attached.
  • Axles: Long pins that hold the wheels.
  • Bushings: Rubber-like rings that allow the board to turn.
  • Kingpin: The main bolt holding the truck parts together.

The Importance Of Removing Trucks

Over time, grit and grime build up on your skateboard trucks. This can affect your skateboarding experience. Worn-out parts need replacing to ensure a safe and smooth ride. To swap these parts, remove your trucks first. Regular maintenance keeps your board at peak performance.

Benefits Of Removing Trucks

Removing skateboard trucks offers several benefits:

  1. Cleaning: Easier access to clean hard-to-reach areas.
  2. Inspection: Spot potential issues like cracks or rust.
  3. Customization: Install new trucks or upgrade components.
  4. Learning: Understand how your skateboard functions.

Methods How To Remove Trucks From A Skateboard

Ready to tune your skateboard or swap out some parts? Removing trucks from a skateboard is a process. Follow these simple methods to safely and efficiently take off trucks from your board.

How to Remove Trucks from a Skateboard
How to Remove Trucks from a Skateboard

Tools Required

  • Skateboard tool or a wrench and a Phillips or Allen key
  • Screwdriver that matches the bolts (cross-head or hex)

Step-by-step Instructions

  1. Place your skateboard on a flat surface.
  2. Use the skateboard tool or wrench to hold the nut.
  3. While holding the nut, use the screwdriver to turn the bolt.
  4. Repeat this until all nuts are removed.
  5. Carefully slide out the trucks from the bolts.
  6. Keep all the nuts and washers safe for reassembly.

Tips For Successful Removal

  • Ensure you have the right tools before starting.
  • Keep track of all small parts like nuts and washers.
  • Use gentle force to avoid stripping the bolts.
  • Clean the hardware and inspect for wear after removal.


Taking care of your skateboard ensures it performs at its best. Removing trucks is a simple yet essential maintenance skill every skater should master. Armed with the right tools and the steps outlined, you’ll keep your rides smooth and your board in top condition.

So grab your skateboard, get to work, and enjoy the ride!


How do you loosen trucks with a skate tool?

Loosen your trucks with a skate tool’s kingpin nut (largest nut). Turn it counter-clockwise (lefty-loosy) in small increments (quarter turns) until desired looseness. Use the tool’s corresponding socket on the opposite nut to hold it steady while turning. Remember, looser trucks mean more turning sensitivity but less stability, so adjust for your riding style. Enjoy the shred!

How do you take the trucks off a drop through longboard?

Removing drop-through trucks requires similar steps as regular setups:
Flip board over: Expose the bottom mounting plate.
Loosen kingpin nuts: Turn counter-clockwise (lefty-loosy) until loose, holding opposite nut with tool for stability.
Remove nuts and washers: Slide them off the kingpin.
Lift truck base: Pull it up and off the drop-through cutout.
Repeat for the other truck. Remember to keep track of washers and spacers for proper reassembly.

How do you remove screws from a skateboard?

Removing skateboard screws is easy, but remember safety first! Here’s how:
Gather tools: You’ll need a skate tool or Phillips screwdriver.
Flip the board: Expose the screw heads on the bottom.
Position the tool: Insert the appropriate tip securely into the screw head.
Turn counter-clockwise: Rotate steadily until the screw loosens.
Remove the screw: Unscrew completely and set aside.
Repeat for all screws. Remember, don’t overtighten when reassembling! Enjoy the ride!

How do you remove a kingpin skateboard truck?

Kingpins stay put! Removing them requires replacing them, not just loosening. You’ll need a new kingpin, hammer, and punch (old kingpin works).
1. Unscrew axle nuts: Detach wheels and baseplate.
2. Tap out old kingpin: Use the punch and hammer to drive it through the baseplate.
3. Insert new kingpin: Reverse the process, tapping it in with the hammer.
4. Reattach baseplate and wheels: Tighten axle nuts securely.
Remember, kingpin removal is for repair, not adjustment.

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