How To Clean Skateboard Deck? Know Ideal Method!

For a quick clean, use grip gum or a soft brush to buff dirt off the grip tape. For a deeper clean, dampen a rag with water (avoid soaking!), wipe down the deck, and dry thoroughly. Don’t use harsh chemicals!You may often think cleaning a board is an unnecessary part, but a grimy and dirty skateboard may hamper your riding experience. So sweeping a deck regularly is necessary.

 But you are confused about how to clean skateboard deck?

 It’s a big question! Right? 

Well, There are a couple of ways method to cleaning skateboard decks. The Good news is, you can do it with your household materials available in your hand. It’s an alternative best method if you have a tight budget.

We are here to give you the best guideline where you will get all the cleaning details about the skateboard deck. So keep patience and read on.

How to Clean Skateboard Deck? Two Ideal Methods!

People often think cleaning a skateboard may be tough, but that’s not true. Here, we will provide two ideal methods for cleaning skateboard decks to save money and help your skateboard last longer.

So, are you curious to know about that method?

Let’s find out!

how to clean skateboard deck?
how to clean skateboard deck?


You can clean the skateboard with a soft wire brush.

It is considered one of the best, easy, quick, and mess-free methods. With this process’s help, most skateboard riders clean their skateboard. Even you don’t need to spend money on that.

Essential material- you’ll need

  • Limp and flexible brush wire
  • Grip Gum

Step by step Cleaning process

  • Step-1

Buy a perfect brush

It’s very important to choose the right brush for cleaning the skateboard. You can easily buy it from the local shop or online but make sure the brush is soft enough, and the bristles are not very sharp.

If you buy a brush containing big and sharp bristles, it might tear the grip tape. So, try to select a small one; otherwise, it will damage your skateboard.

  • Step- 2

Brush the grip tape carefully

after buying a perfect wire brush, it’s time to brush the grip tape. The best way is to start at the end of the deck from the other side. Afterward, continue it part by part.

As a result, it will remove all dirt from the deck surface. But be careful, don’t push the brush so hard; otherwise, it will tear the grip tape.

  • Step- 3

Use grip gum to dispel extra dirt.

Grip gup is one of the best cleaning products to remove excess grime from your skateboard deck. You can purchase it from your nearest local shop.

 After brushing off the skateboard, rub the grip gum on the grip tape. Do the work softly as if you use a pencil and eraser. You will be amazed to see the results when you have done it properly. Your old and drossy decks turn into a new one.


   Method- 2

how to clean skateboard
how to clean skateboard deck

You can clean your skateboard deck using available material from your home

It might be best to have a limited budget and not spend a single buck cleaning your skateboard deck. Even you can complete the whole process with some common and available elements in your home.

However, it will be a great method when you are in a hurry to go out and badly need to clean your skateboard. It’s really interesting, right? So, please keep your eyes on it.

                        essential material- you will need

  • A steady toothbrush with soft bristles
  • water
  • soap
  • bowl
  • grip gum
  • Dry cloth

                                Step by step Cleaning process


Grab all these things to hand

Try to find out the things mentioned above from your home as they are easily obtainable. Take a toothbrush; the perfect amount of water is needed according to your skateboard size, bowl, soap, and grip gum for removing extra dust.

Once you manage all these elements, you are ready to start the cleaning process.


Make a solution of water and soap in a bowl; 

take a clean bowl and fill it with the resolution of water and soap. Make sure soap dissolves in water properly, or you can use a window cleaner.

You can add lemon juice to get the fresh smell, but it’s totally optional. Please keep in mind, don’t drown your skateboard in the water. If you do this, the skateboard will lose its ability to snap or pop. So, be careful.


Soak the toothbrush’s head in the solution

Take it, soak it in the water solution, and leave it for a few minutes. Please remember the toothbrush should not be over-soggy.

Shake off the extra solution from the bristle before starting the cleaning process.

step by step guideline cleaning skateboard
step by step guideline cleaning skateboard


start cleaning the skateboard deck

You should start the scrubbing at the end of the deck and take more time to clean the messy part. Don’t scrub too roughly, do it slowly and softly; if you don’t do like this way, grip tape will tear easily.

However, during cleaning, your brush remains dirty. In that case, soke the meeting into the solution and clean the skateboard again. Don’t leave the skateboard in the water for a long time.


Dry the skateboard properly with a soft cloth

After finishing the cleaning, take a soft cloth to dry the skateboard deck. But it would be best if you could manage a fiber cloth because it will be more suitable for a skateboard deck.

Now place the cloth on the skateboard deck and press it softly to absorb the extra water. Please do it again as long as the skateboard deck dries properly.


leave it outside for perfect drying

It’s really important to dry the skateboard perfectly. Because if you ride on a wet skateboard deck, it will break easily, and you will not get the comfort. So, leave the skateboard weather in the sun or outside where enough ventilation is available.


with the help of grip gum, remove extra debris

Though grip gum is slightly expensive, you can use it according to your choice. You can use a rubber cement eraser as an alternative to grip gum. So use grip gum or rubber cement eraser to dispel dirt that still exists on the skateboard.

How to Clean Skateboard Wheels

if your skateboard turns yellowish color, you need to clean it. But you will be happy to know that the wheels’ cleaning process is easier than the bearings.

 The cleaning method of skateboard wheels is like cleaning your dishes with soap and water. Here is the guideline on how you will clean your skateboard wheels.

How to clean skateboard wheels
How to clean skateboard wheels

                         Essential material- you will need

  • Wrench
  • screwdriver 
  • toothbrush/ wire brush
  • bowl
  • water
  • dishwasher soap
  • towel

                                 Step by Step cleaning process

Step 1: 

Take out the wheels from the skateboard with the help of a wrench and screwdriver.

Step- 2:

 Mix water and dishwasher soap in a bowl. Pour the toothbrush into the water solution and clean the wheels with it.

Step- 3:

Clean every curve and edge of the wheels. Then soak the wheels in the water solution for 20 to 30 minutes. Clean them properly.

Step- 4:

 Using lotion to roll the wheels is better. Finally, take a paper towel, place the wheels on it and let them dry.

How to clean skateboard truck

Like other skateboard parts, cleaning a skateboard truck is also important. With a few elements, you can easily clean the truck. Without wasting no more time, let’s clean together!

                 Essential materials- you will need

  • White vinegar
  • Paper towel

                    Step by step cleaning process


First of all, remove the truck from the skateboard and find the debris.

Step- 2:

Try to mark where excess dirt exists and pour vinegar on it.

Step- 3:

Leave it for a few hours and scrub it softly. Use a paper towel to make them dry.

Step- 4:

Finally, spray the lube on the truck to prevent it from excess specks of dirt.

How to clean skateboard bearings

Bearing is one of the essential parts of a skateboard, so you should clean it as soon as possible when it gets dirty. But don’t take it too hard; it’s an easy and quick process. Even you can do it from your home.

How to clean skateboard truck
How to clean skateboard truck

                    Essential material- you will need

  • Towel
  • Lubricant
  • Speed cream
  • Cups

                    Step by the Step Cleaning process

To get a better result, roll the bearing before cleaning. Then run it when you finish cleaning. To avoid injuries, place a towel in the working place. So, let’s start cleaning-

Step- 1:

 take a cup and pour the lubricant into it.

Step- 2: 

Grab the bearing and confer it into the lube. Leave it for one hour. 

When you see dirt lube, change it and take fresh lube in the cup.

Step 3: 

Do the step- 2 processes again and again for your 8 bearings until the lube becomes fresh and clear. But don’t hurry; complete the process with proper care.

Step 4:

 After receiving fresh lube, it’s time to use a paper towel to dry them. With the help of a paper towel, clean them one by one. Make sure you clean each bearing nicely.

Step- 5:

 try to roll the bearing and remove excess debris by shaking them.

Step- 6: 

Use speed cream and Teflon in the final step. Once it’s done, now the bearings are ready to use.

How to clean skateboard griptape with household items

This method dont cost extra money, you can complete this process by using house hold items. Besides, it allows to clean your skateboard griptape properly. As a result you dont need to buy new one. So, let’s take a look on these method-

Essential materials- You will need

A microfiber cloth

A ribber

A soft brush

Step by Step cleaning process

Step- 1: 

You have to put a lot of pressure to slide the grip tape over on the deck.

Step- 2: 

Use a soft dry brush to clean it, and with the help of a microfiber cloth dispel extra ditrs. Remember, you should not use wet cloth or water. It will ruin the grip tape, and you might not ride comfortably. 

skateboard cleaning tips
skateboard cleaning tips

How to protect your skateboard deck

If you are a skateboard lover, you must take proper care to preserve your skateboard deck. If you follow some points, your board will last longer and provide the best riding experience. 

We are here to provide you with some instructions for protecting your skateboard. Please read on-

Take proper care of your skateboard deck

As Deck is the most important part of your Deck, you should be very careful about it. Don’t ride in the rain because water can damage your Deck as it is made of wood.

Store in a safe place

try to store the skateboard deck in a dry and clean place.

Take care of your wheel regularly

A grimy wheel may hamper a balanced and smooth ride. So, try to keep the wheels free from debris. Wash it with water and soap, and finally, dry it.

Cover the skateboard

it’s better to cover the skateboard when you don’t use it. It will protect your board from dust and other things.

Clean the bearings

bearing plays a good role in adding spin to the wheels. So, keeping them in a dry and clean place is essential. Because of dust and water, they become unable to use.

Tighten the wheels

For smooth riding, make sure you tight the wheels as much as you can

Don’t let the skateboard in hot or cool temperatures

Both extremely hot and cool are bad for a skateboard deck. So please don’t leave it in the hot car or any cool place.

Keep away from water

as we know, a skateboard is made of wood, so excess water can make them soggy, damaging the skateboard. That’s why to keep your skateboard safe from the water.

Choose the best quality skateboard.

Try to choose the best quality grip tape, and once it becomes dirty clean it or replaces it as soon as possible. It will keep your skateboard last longer.


Cleaning a skateboard  is not a big deal. It’s essential to know how to clean skateboard deck? if you want your  deck will last longer. However, It’s a very facile process, and you won’t spend any money.

 But remember, you will have to pursue the exact method; otherwise, your board will damage. In the above article, We have provided all forms of cleaning skateboards. So, please scroll up and follow our method according to your needs.


When should you replace the skateboard deck?

Indeed, your board will not last long. You have to change if needed, but when should you change your skateboard? Well, maybe your skateboard doesn’t perform like before, and you must struggle. When you see your skateboards lose pop, there is some crack on the map layer. If these happen, then it’s time to replace your deck.

What happens if you wash your skateboard with water?

As we know, parts of your skateboard deck is made of wood. So the deck becomes soggy and deforms when you pour water directly on it or soak it in water for a long time.

 Even after drying, it would not be good as like before. Besides, the pop will no more crisp, and You will feel the difference when performing the ride.

Should you wash your skateboard with water?

Actually it’s a confusing question. You should not wash your skateboard with water directly. But it’s ok if you wash your board by following some instructions. 

Take a soft toothbrush or wire brush, pour it into the water, then clean your board with a brush. But don’t pour water over the skateboard. It can damage your skateboard


How often should I clean my skateboard deck?

The frequency of cleaning depends on your usage and riding conditions. As a general guideline, it is recommended to clean your skateboard deck every few weeks or whenever you notice a buildup of dirt or grime.

Can I use household cleaners to clean my skateboard deck?

It is advisable to avoid using household cleaners, bleach, or abrasive chemicals as they can damage the deck’s surface, graphics, or protective coatings. Instead, opt for cleaning solutions that are specifically formulated for skateboard decks or use mild soap.

How do I remove the trucks and wheels for cleaning?

Removing the trucks and wheels is optional but can allow for a more thorough cleaning. To remove them, use a skate tool to unscrew the nuts holding the trucks in place. Gently lift the trucks off the deck, and if needed, remove the wheels by sliding them off the axles.

Can I use skateboarding wax after cleaning the deck?

Yes, using skateboarding wax after cleaning can improve slide ability and reduce friction on surfaces like curbs or rails. Apply the wax to specific areas where you want to enhance slide ability, such as the edges of the deck or spots for grinding.

Can I clean my skateboard deck in the rain?

It is not recommended to clean your skateboard deck in the rain or expose it to excessive moisture. Moisture can penetrate the deck’s wood, leading to warping, swelling, or other forms of damage. Choose a dry and well-ventilated area for cleaning and maintenance.

Is grip tape ruined by water?

Grip tape can be negatively affected by water, but it is not necessarily ruined by it. Grip tape is designed to provide traction for your feet while riding the skateboard. When exposed to water, the grip tape can become wet and lose some of its grip can usually recover its grip after drying out, and proper care and maintenance can help preserve its effectiveness in the long run.

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