Are All Skateboard Decks The Same? Make the Right Choice

No, all skateboard decks are not the same. So, are all skateboard decks the same? Well, no. Many skaters do not even know that there are customized, cool skateboards from different manufacturers. Every skateboard comprises seven D wood planks, skateboard trucks, wheels, etc. But the quality differs in the ply and other materials.

Skateboards are becoming a trend these days. They come try out different shapes, sizes and materials. Due to its impact on the skateboard’s stability, the size of the deck is crucial. Again, you can get a plastic, wood, or metal deck. But are all skateboard decks the same? 

Skateboards are of different shapes, qualities, and sizes. A smaller deck is more accessible to maneuver, but a more over deck size is more stable. The form of the deck is also important. Some people prefer a deck concave . Again, there is a difference between skateboards coming from different manufacturing.

What A Skater Looks For While Buying Skateboards

Are you a beginner? Then buying skateboard decks must be tough for you. There are some basics consider when buying a skateboard deck. If you do not know them, we are here for you!

Before choosing your first skateboard that matches your taste, let’s see the factors you need to know, you can say skateboard deck buying guide!

Are All Skateboard Decks The Same
are all skateboard decks the same

Shoe Size

Before going for the best type of board, you need to know your shoe size. This is because the incompatibility of the board with your shoes may not bring you joy. If you are not comfortable with it, there is no meaning to an expensive and top-notch skateboard. 

Your shoe size matters, as the skateboard size depends on it. People with a larger shoe size need a wider deck. This helps control the different board. So, remember find the right size shoe while buying a skateboard.

Street Skating or Casual Cruising?

Types of riding you will do affects the skateboard types. Deck length, wheelbase, and concavity dictate the ease of riding in a specific manner.

For example, larger wheels and broader boards make cruising easier. On the other hand, skaters performing tricks need a better wheelbase and smaller skateboard wheels. Thus, the tricks get easier to perform. 

Taste for Designs

The perfect skateboard comes with the ideal design. Artistic-minded people often prefer art on skateboard decks. Moreover, these artworks make you mentally satisfied and show your personality.

Skating becomes fun when you love your skateboard. So, choose wisely while buying your very own complete skateboard.

Gathering Some Basic Knowledge

Skateboard markets are saturated with different types of skateboards. The versatility is not only limited to the deck manufacturers. Instead, the pops, shapes, noses, and tails can be of numerous types.

How will you buy the exact skateboard that matches your personality? Without knowing the basic information, it is impossible. So, you need to know the types of skateboard decks

Study the terminologies and observe theboards in the market. Thus you will learn about boards. However, we will discuss the features of skateboards here.

Skateboard Deck Features You Need to Know About

Are All Skateboard Decks The Same?
How to Choose the Right Skateboard Deck for you

Want a skateboard?Buying a random skateboard seems easy. But there is more to it. You need to dive deep into the different features of boards. And there will be some extra tips to follow for beginners too!


The skateboard wheelbase is the distance between the two sets of wheels on a skateboard. This measurement is essential when choosing a skateboard deck, as it affects the stability and maneuverability of the board.

A shorter wheelbase will make the board agile, while a longer wheelbase will make it more stable. On the other hand, short wheelbases are preferable for their swift turns.

Thinking of longer wheelbases may increase stability, but you need help. The deck loses its responsiveness due to a more extended wheelbase.

Deck Length

You will find deck length of a skateboard useful in different contexts. Like, the wheelbase depends on the deck length a lot. The bigger the board, the lengthier the wheelbase. However, there are other functions of skateboard  length.

Stability and better control depend on the types of deck length. Here, a shorter deck length is better for performing tricks, whereas street skaters prefer more extended decks.

Deck length can range from 28 inches to 33 inches. If the deck is over 33 inches, the wheelbase will be longer too.

  • Tips for Beginners

Choose a deck  right longer like longboards. This is because they are easier to handle. Yet, if you want to experiment to find your compatibility, skateboarders should try different skating styles for enjoi.

Deck Width

Most skate decks have a width of 7.5- 10 inches. Deck width is one of the most critical factors. This is because it affects both the stability and the skating style.

Moreover, generally skateboard deck width depends on your personal preference. When choosing the narrower deck, skaters like it for better maneuverability. On the other hand, more expansive decks give you more stability. skateboarders know your type, you need to experiment with different widths. Thus, you can find which one suits you the best. Here is a size chart to make you understand the correlation between deck width and riding styles.

Deck Width Riding Style
8.25 inchesPools, Vert, Cruising
8.00 inches – 8.25 inchesRamps, Parks, Pools
7.5 inches – 8.00 inchesTechnical Tricks and Street Skating
7.45 inches or fewerKids under 15 years

Do not be confused thinking that 7.45 inches are better for beginners. You see, deck width also depends on the picking the right size shoe. As younger kids have fewer shoe sizes, 7.50 inches is wide enough for them. This does not imply for adults.

  • Transition Skating

Vert skating or transition skating needs stability. More expansive decks are the best option here. 

In transition skating, you will have a 90-degree turn at the end of the ramp. Again, speeding up in the skating will need more stability. 8.38 inches wide skateboard decks are game changers in transition skating.

  • Street Skating

Are you skating for fun? Well, street skating will suit you better. The street skaters need to do flip tricks in the air. Thus, making the deck a little challenging to accomplish with broader skateboard decks. 

This is why street skaters always prefer narrower decks to roll on the streets. Moreover, technical maneuvering feels easy with limited decks. 

Street skating is an advanced level of skating. Street skating will be tough for beginners if you are not just cruising. Last but not least, the optimum width for street skating starts from 7.50 inches to 8.25 inches. 

  • Tips for Beginners

Start with a broader deck and gradually move to a narrower one. Thus it will be easier for you to improve some skills. Balancing is accessible on a more expansive deck. Refrain from jumping right into higher-level skills. This may be injurious.

Deck Shape

From Popsicles to Old School decks, plenty of deck shapes are available in the market. Again, there are shaped decks that are highly customized. But the question here is, “Which one goes along with your preference?”

  • Popsicle Decks

The most popular skateboard shape is the Popsicle deck. The reason for this popularity is the simplicity of the deck. 

The deck provide ordinary looking yet functional. If you are wondering about the name, it comes from its popsicle shape on both nose and tail.

  • Cruisers

Being a hybrid of skateboards and longboards, cruisers are the most convenient skateboards for beginners. On the plus side, the cruiser is comfortable and the best option for traveling a short distance.

You can not perform tricks with the cruisers. But hey! You can not do everything on a skateboard, right? 

  • Old School

A wider board with a single kicktail is an old-school skateboard. The name came from the old-looking shape. 

Again, you can not find the original old-school skateboards. Yet, skateboards have become so popular that companies are reproducing them.


Have you seen the raised part of a quality skateboard deck? Skaters call this slightly bent part a kicktail. There are mainly three types of kicktails. They are:

  • Double Kick
  • Single kick
  • No Kick

Skateboards with no kicktails are suitable for cruising. But to perform tricks, you need to switch to the double kick or single kick skateboards. 

Kicktails do not matter much in this context. But still, this is an issue of self-satisfaction. If you are okay with cruising, then no kicktails are better options. Otherwise, you should check out the other options.


This is the most detailed feature of skateboards. You often can not see the concave, but you must feel it under your feet. If we need to define concavity, we can say that a concave is the curve of the skateboard deck.

Concavity is easy to observe if you check it out from the sideways. Depending on the concaves, decks can be either flat, convex, or concave. But what is the importance of concavity?

You can feel the curve of the skateboard deck under the feet more keenly if the first deck concave is more prominent. In all skating styles, especially while traveling at high speeds, being able to identify the tail, sides, and nose of the deck are usually without a glance is useful.

  • Transition Skaters

Transition skaters maintain a particular speed to climb steep walls, frequently like more prominent concaves. That is why they prefer a more concave skateboard.

  • Street Skaters

The best foot placement is possible with mellow concave of your skateboards deck, hence why street deck skaters frequently favor them. The flat surface on a skateboard new deck are generally with little prominent concave will be more significant, allowing for more flexible foot movement and positioning. 

A flat board makes sense with this form of riding since street skating includes a variety of tricks, all of which necessitate specific foot placement.

  • Tips for Beginners

Beginners should be aware that although there are particular majority of skateboard decks are designed  for specific forms of skating, you will not find any set regulations. Street skaters sometimes use broad and concave decks.

Moreover, some skaters specialize in transition and use smaller shape of the decks with less concave. Anyone may ride any skateboard, and they can accomplish extraordinary things.

Experimenting is the most excellent approach to discovering the ideal standard deck and technique. Concave is mainly reliant on intuition. This should be a perfect size if you are comfortable with the concave.

Skateboard Manufacturers’ List

Many people mix the “brand” and “manufacturer.” They think that these two terms are synonymous. But you find the right, they are not the same things.

Difference Between Manufacturers and Brands

One manufacturer can supply skateboard parts to many skateboard brands. In the same way, a brand can be bought from different manufacturers.

The job of the manufacturer here is to make the skateboard parts. In contrast, brands are more focused on retaining the quality of the product. By ensuring product quality, a brand can get positive reviews. 

Best Brands Around There

We have found two of the best manufacturers around the market for you. Here is a brief about them.

  • BBS/ Generator Distribution

Many famous brands like Alien Workshop, Heroin, Krooked, and Baker get their skateboard parts from BBSgenerator Skateboards.

Did you know that Generator Distribution manufactures skateboards in Mexico and the USA? There are many reasons one will go for the BBS skateboards. Some of them are

  • Better durability.
  • Pops do not fade away after using them for some days.
  • It is a little heavier than other boards.

The main thing about BBS is that it is worth your money. You will not regret buying a BBS skateboard. Most reviews are positive about them.

  • PS Stix

Tijuana, Mexico, is where PS Stix manufactures its products. They supply their product to brands like Plan B, Toy machine, or Element. People prefer PS Stix brands when there is no issue with money.

These skateboards are more effortless and comfortable to ride, and that’s why people prefer these skateboards. Here is a highlight of the features of this skateboard manufacturer.

  • Lighter than most other skateboards in the market.
  • The skateboard is poppy, and feels good to skate.
  • Yet, durability is an issue here as the skateboard gets soggy after some days of usage.
  • They manufacture the most concave skateboard deck.

Durability is why people do not want to buy the PS Stix decks. Yet, the service from this skateboard is top-notch.

Besides these, there are some mentionable manufacturers in the market. Here is a list of the brands that buy from different manufacturers. 

Almost Skateboards, Santa Cruz, Welcome, WkndDwindle
Selfish, Only OneControl
Code, Bacon, Killing FloorSouth Central
Cockfight, Traffic, RevivePennswood

Different Factors to Consider When Choosing a Skateboard Deck?

Skateboard decks are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, concaves, and constructions, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. When choosing a deck, it is important to consider your height, weight, shoe size, skating style, and personal preferences.


The most important factor to consider when choosing a skateboard deck is the size. The width of the deck is especially important, as it will affect your balance and stability. Decks range in width from 7.5 inches to 8.5 inches, with wider decks being more stable and narrower decks being more agile.

If you are a beginner, it is generally recommended to start with a wider deck (8.0 inches or more). This will give you more stability as you are learning to balance and ride the board. As you become more experienced, you can experiment with narrower decks to find what feels best for you.


Skateboard decks also come in a variety of shapes. The most common shape is the popsicle deck, which is symmetrical with a rounded nose and tail. This type of deck is well-suited for all types of skating, including street, park, and transition.

Best Brands Around There
Best Brands Around There

Other shapes include:

  • Old school decks: These decks are wider and longer than popsicle decks, with a more squared-off nose and tail. They are well-suited for cruising and pool skating.
  • Double kick decks: These decks have a kicktail on both the nose and tail, making them ideal for flip tricks and other technical maneuvers.
  • Pintail decks: These decks have a long, pointed tail, making them well-suited for longboarding and downhill skating.


The concave of a skateboard deck is the curvature of the board from side to side. A deeper concave will give you more grip and control, but it can be more difficult to balance on. A shallower concave will be easier to balance on, but it may not provide as much grip and control.

The type of skating you do will also influence the concave you choose. For example, street skaters typically prefer a deeper concave for better grip and control when doing tricks. Park skaters may prefer a shallower concave for more stability when landing tricks.

Final Words

Skateboarding is not just a random game but a name of passion. Not everyone can feel the fun while riding their unique skateboards. If you are new to skateboarding, this article will help you with all the basics. Are All Skateboard Decks The Same? Yet, there are some things you should keep in mind. 

For starters, experimentation is the key to having the best skateboard. You will only sometimes get a hint of what suits you. Instead, it would be best if you experimented with it. Again, feel free to try new kind of skateboarding. You will not know the difference if you do not try skateboards manufacturing. All the best!


How do I choose a skateboard deck?

Right skateboard deck start with your shoe size. Knowing your shoe size will determine which skateboard width and length will suit you. Again, buy skateboards according to your skating style. Skateboards with different sizes and shapes are intended to be used in different types.

Are all skateboard decks made from the same material?

No, skateboard decks are made from various materials such as maple wood, bamboo, or carbon fiber, each offering different characteristics and performance attributes.

How do you know if a skateboard is good?

A good board feels sturdy, light, with a clear concave and responsive pop. Check brand rep, avoid cheap materials, and prioritize components like ABEC 7 bearings or independent trucks. Trust your local skate shop’s advice too!

How do you know if a skateboard fits you?

Consider 3 things:
Style: Street tricks? Go narrower (7.5″-8″). Bowls & big jumps? Wider (8.25″-9″).
Shoe size: Boards ~same width as your kicks offer good control.
Comfort: Stand on it! Feels stable & balanced? You’re golden!

Remember, personal preference plays a big role too!

What is the best wood for a skateboard?

King of the concrete jungle: Canadian hardrock maple! Strong, flexible, pop like a champ, and grippy. It’s the industry standard for a reason. But bamboo offers eco-friendly options and birch can be a budget buddy. Consider your style and shred away!

Is there a difference in the quality of skateboard decks?

Skateboard decks from different manufacturers are of various grades. But if the manufacturer deck construction  is the same, there is a chance that the skateboards’ quality is the same as well. So, the whole thing is dependent on the manufacturer.

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