Spacers for Skateboard Trucks: Boost Your Ride!

Spacers for skateboard trucks ensure proper alignment and bearing performance. They prevent unnecessary wear on the bearings.

Skateboard enthusiasts understand the critical role that small components play in a smooth ride. Spacers for skateboard trucks may seem insignificant, but their impact is substantial. These cylindrical components fit between the bearings within the wheel hub. They serve to maintain the bearings’ position and distribute weight evenly during turns and tricks.

Without spacers, the bearings can become misaligned, leading to increased friction, reduced speed, and a higher risk of damage. As a rider looking to enhance your skateboard’s lifespan and maintain peak performance, don’t overlook the importance of high-quality spacers. Whether you’re cruising the streets or performing at the skate park, reliable spacers are essential for a safe and enjoyable skating experience.

What Are Spacers For Skateboard Trucks?

Ever wondered what keeps a skateboard’s wheels rolling smoothly? The answer often lies with tiny but mighty components called spacers. Found lodged in the skateboard trucks, these pieces play a big role in performance and durability.

Benefits Of Using Spacers

Integrating spacers in skateboard trucks brings several advantages:

  • Enhanced Stability: They ensure wheels are properly aligned, balancing the skateboard.
  • Reduced Wear: Spacers minimize friction between bearings, prolonging their life.
  • Improved Speed and Precision: Precise alignment results in smoother rides and better control.
  • Consistent Wheel Performance: Evenly distributed weight across bearings leads to uniform wheel rotation.

Types Of Spacers

Different spacers meet various skateboard needs:

TypeMaterialUse Case
Bearing SpacersMetalSlotted between bearings in each wheel
Truck SpacersPlastic or MetalFit between the truck and the wheel

How Do Spacers Affect Skateboard Performance?

Skateboard spacers play a crucial role in the way your skateboard handles and lasts. These small components sit between the bearings within the wheel, impacting your ride’s quality, safety, and longevity. Let’s explore how exactly spacers contribute to skateboard performance.

Spacers for Skateboard Trucks
Spacers for Skateboard Trucks

Improved Stability

Inserting spacers between skateboard bearings leads to better alignment. This ensures wheels spin more uniformly and predictably. Stability is vital for skaters, whether cruising or performing tricks. It means less wobble and more control.

  • Bearings stay in the right position.
  • Spacers distribute the load across the wheel.
  • They maintain the angle of the wheels during turns.

Reduced Wheel Wear

Without spacers, wheels can deteriorate unevenly or more rapidly due to the stress on bearings. Here’s how spacers combat unnecessary wheel wear:

With SpacersWithout Spacers
Bearings endure less strain.Bearings can seize or warp.
Wheels experience even wear.Wheels may develop flat spots.

Spacers extend the life of your wheels by ensuring an even distribution of force. This reduces the likelihood of replacing wheels frequently and saves money in the long run.

Why Should You Use Spacers?

Skateboard spacers fit between the bearings in the wheels. They help keep bearings straight and true.

Spacers maintain the gap between bearings. They reduce friction and wear. This means your skateboard wheels spin faster and smoother.

Skateboarders use spacers to prevent damage from jumps and tricks. They extend the life of your wheels and bearings. Let’s explore more benefits.

Enhanced Control And Maneuverability

Control is key for sharp turns and tricky maneuvers. Spacers offer that extra security.

  • They balance the wheels.
  • Skate with precision.
  • Perform flips and tricks confidently.

Prevention Of Wheel Lock-up

Wheel lock-up causes falls. Spacers ensure wheels roll freely even when you land hard.

  • Maintain speed after stunts.
  • Guard against sudden stops.
  • Enjoy a safer ride.

How To Choose The Right Spacers For Your Skateboard

Finding the right spacers for your skateboard trucks is crucial for optimal performance. Spacers support bearings and stabilize wheels as you ride. This guide helps you pinpoint the perfect fit and materials for your skateboarding style.

Spacers for Skateboard Trucks
Spacers for Skateboard Trucks

Determining The Correct Size

Measure your skateboard’s axle diameter and wheel’s bearing size first. Standard axles usually require 8mm spacers. Check your truck manufacturer’s specifications if unsure.

Align with your skateboard’s wheel core too. Tight fits prevent unwanted movements, keeping rides smooth.

Axle DiameterSpacer Size
7mm7mm Spacers
8mm (Standard)8mm Spacers
10mm10mm Spacers

Material Considerations

Durable materials ensure long-lasting spacers. Aluminum, steel, and nylon dominate the market. Each material offers different benefits:

  • Aluminum – lightweight, corrosion-resistant
  • Steel – ultra-strong, more weight
  • Nylon – affordable, less durable

Weigh the pros and cons based on your skating style. Frequent skaters might prefer aluminum for its resilience. Occasional riders can opt for affordability with nylon.

Installation And Maintenance Tips For Spacers

Keeping your skateboard in top condition means paying attention to small components, like spacers. Properly installed and maintained spacers can make your ride smoother and prevent wheel bite or bearings issues. Dive into the tips and tricks to install and care for your spacers with ease.

Spacers for Skateboard Trucks
Spacers for Skateboard Trucks

Proper Installation Procedure

Installing spacers is a simple task that enhances your skateboarding experience. Follow these steps:

  1. Remove the wheel from the truck’s axle.
  2. Carefully take out the bearings.
  3. Place a spacer onto the axle.
  4. Re-insert bearings into the wheel.
  5. Align and push the wheel back onto the axle through the bearings and spacer.
  6. Secure with a nut, ensuring it’s tight yet allows the wheel to spin freely.

Bearings should sit flush against spacers. This prevents unnecessary stress and wear.

Regular Cleaning And Maintenance

Spacers require routine care to perform best. Keep these considerations in mind:

  • Check spacers during regular skateboard maintenance.
  • Remove spacers when cleaning your bearings for a thorough cleanse.
  • After cleaning, ensure spacers are dry and free from debris before reinstallation.
  • Inspect for signs of wear or damage regularly.
  • Replace damaged spacers to maintain optimal performance.

A well-maintained spacer contributes to a secure and satisfying ride every time.

Frequently Asked Questions On Spacers For Skateboard Trucks

What Are Spacers On A Skateboard?

Spacers on a skateboard are small tubes placed between the bearings in the wheels. They help maintain proper alignment and reduce friction for smoother rides.

Are Bearing Washers Needed?

Bearing washers are essential for proper bearing assembly, ensuring even load distribution and preventing wear. They’re particularly crucial in high-load and axial thrust applications to maintain bearing integrity and performance.

What Is A Skateboard Speed Ring?

A skateboard speed ring is a small washer that reduces friction between the wheel bearings and axle nut, enhancing wheel spin.

How Tight Do You Tighten Skateboard Wheels?

Tighten skateboard wheels until they spin freely without shaking on the axle. Aim for a snug fit, avoiding over-tightening which can hinder movement or damage bearings. Use a skate tool to adjust and check wheel spin for optimal performance.


Wrapping up, selecting the right spacers for your skateboard trucks is vital. It ensures a smooth ride and extends the lifespan of your wheels and bearings. Keep your skateboarding experience top-notch by paying attention to this small yet crucial component.

Happy skating and stay safe on those thrilling rides!

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