Gleaming the Cube Skateboard Deck: Ride with Style!

The Gleaming the Cube Skateboard Deck is a vintage skateboard icon. It symbolizes a blend of skate culture and 80s nostalgia.

Discover the ultimate ride with our Gleaming the Cube Skateboard Deck!Calling all 90s skate fans and shredders! Relive the era of California skate culture with the Gleaming the Cube deck. This isn’t just any board – it’s a trip down memory lane with pro-quality construction and a design that pops. Find out if this deck lives up to the movie’s legacy, or if it’s better for hanging on the wall. Kickflip into our review and get ready to grind

what is Gleaming the Cube Skateboard?

The “Gleaming the Cube” skateboard deck is a product based on the 1989 skateboarding film of the same name. It features artwork inspired by the movie’s poster, with a silver background and a colorful, abstract design.

The deck is made by WKND, a skateboarding brand known for its collaborations with pop culture icons and movies. The “Gleaming the Cube” deck is constructed from 7-ply Canadian maple wood, making it durable for regular use. It is 9.875 inches wide and comes in one size only.

Here are some additional details about the deck:

  • Material: 7-ply Canadian maple wood
  • Size: 9.875″ x 31.25″
  • Wheelbase: 14.75″
  • Nose: 6.75″
  • Tail: 6.625″
  • Concave: Medium

You can find the “Gleaming the Cube” deck for sale at skate shops and online retailers. Keep in mind that since it is a limited edition deck, it may be difficult to find in stock.

history of Gleaming the Cube Skateboard

While there isn’t a history of an actual “Gleaming the Cube” skateboard brand or specific model, the term is linked to the 1989 cult classic film of the same name. Here’s how it connects to skateboarding:

Origin of the Phrase:

  • The film’s title, “Gleaming the Cube,” comes from a quote in Thrasher magazine’s December 1983 issue, where skateboarder Garry Scott Davis asked Neil Blender, “Have you ever gleemed [sic] inside a cube?”
  • In the movie, the protagonist, Christian Slater’s character, defines “gleaming the cube” as “pushing your limits to the edge.” This resonated with the skateboarding community, capturing the essence of constantly striving to improve and conquer challenges.

The Movie’s Impact:

  • Though the film itself had a modest box office performance, it gained a significant following among skateboarders after its release.
  • The movie featured real-life professional skaters like Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen, and Stacy Peralta, who also served as the technical advisor. This authenticity and the film’s portrayal of the skateboarding lifestyle resonated with the audience.
  • The film’s popularity led to the creation of merchandise like t-shirts, hats, and, more recently, the “Gleaming the Cube” skateboard deck by WKND.


  • The phrase “gleaming the cube” continues to be used within the skateboarding community, representing the pursuit of self-improvement and pushing boundaries.
  • The movie remains a nostalgic reminder of the late 80s skate scene and continues to inspire new generations of skaters.

While there isn’t a specific skateboard model with a rich history directly tied to the movie, the term “Gleaming the Cube” has become ingrained in skateboarding culture, reflecting the dedication and spirit of constantly pushing oneself to the limit.

Gleaming the Cube Skateboard Deck Ride
Gleaming the Cube Skateboard Deck

Evolution Of Skateboard Design And Materials

1960sFlexible wood, FiberglassLightweight boards
1970sUrethane wheelsGrip and smoothness on surfaces
1980s and beyondCanadian maple plywoodSymmetrical shapes, griptape

Design And Construction

Discover the cutting-edge design of the Gleaming the Cube Skateboard Deck, a fusion of style and functionality for skateboard enthusiasts. Each deck boasts precision engineering, ensuring every flip and grind shines with performance-driven construction.

Materials used in Gleaming the Cube skateboard decks

Gleaming the Cube Complete Skateboard
Gleaming the Cube Skateboard Deck

Materials Used In Gleaming The Cube Skateboard Decks

The choice of materials for any skateboard deck is paramount to its performance and durability. Below is a list of materials used in the Gleaming the Cube decks:

  • Seven-ply Maple Construction: Traditional and reliable, seven layers of maple wood offer resilience and flexibility, crucial for withstanding high-impact maneuvers.
  • Carbon Fiber Layers: For added strength and reduced weight, carbon fiber layers are infused in some models, giving the deck a cutting-edge advantage.
  • Epoxy Resin Glue: High-quality epoxy resin is utilized to bond the layers, resulting in a deck that has enhanced weather resistance and longevity.
  • Grip Tape: Premium grade grip tape is applied to ensure optimum foot traction and control over the board.

With these materials combined, the Gleaming the Cube skateboard deck stands as a robust platform optimized for versatile skating styles and increased longevity.

Unique features and innovations

Unique Features And Innovations

Innovation is the cornerstone of the Gleaming the Cube skateboard deck’s design philosophy. Notable for its distinctive traits, this deck sets itself apart with:

  1. Concave Design: The deck features a deep concave shape that enhances the rider’s ability to perform intricate tricks while maintaining stability.
  2. Customized Wheel Wells: Uniquely designed wheel wells are cut into the deck to prevent wheel bite, maximizing maneuverability and safety.
  3. Reinforced Nose and Tail: Additional layers of material fortify the nose and tail sections, pivotal areas prone to extensive wear from trick execution.
  4. Graphics and Coatings: Vibrant and durable graphics are sealed with a protective coating to resist scraping and fading, ensuring that the artistry endures as long as the deck itself.

Popularizing The Gleaming The Cube Skateboard Deck

Experience the resurgence of the Gleaming the Cube Skateboard Deck, an iconic symbol of skate culture. Its durable design and striking visuals make it a top choice for both veteran skaters and newcomers eager to ride the wave of this skateboarding legend.

Marketing strategies and endorsements

Marketing Strategies And Endorsements

  • Limited editions and collaborations with famous brands and artists maintained exclusivity.
  • Engaging demos and events at popular skate parks created a buzz and allowed skaters to experience the deck’s superior performance firsthand.
  • Grassroots marketing, such as sponsoring local skate competitions, fostered a loyal community of followers.

Influential skateboarders associated with the deck

Skateboard Flip
Gleaming the Cube Skateboard Deck

Influential Skateboarders Associated With The Deck

SkateboarderAchievementsAssociation with Deck
Tony HawkLegendary pro skater, multiple X-Games gold medalistFeatured in promos and competitions with the deck
Steve CaballeroIcon of the industry, famed for his vertical ramp skillsSignature series decks and public appearances
Rodney MullenGodfather of street skating, inventor of numerous tricksDevelopment and testing of innovative deck features

Collectibility And Rarity

The Gleaming the Cube Skateboard Deck embodies exclusivity, boasting a unique design that appeals to collectors. Its rarity enhances its desirability among skateboarding enthusiasts and memorabilia connoisseurs alike.

Rarity Of Original Gleaming The Cube Skateboards

  • Vintage skate shops
  • Online auctions
  • Private collections

Finding an original deck can often feel like finding a needle in a haystack, making each discovery a significant event in the collector’s community.

The Impact On Collector’s Market And Value

Average PricePrices surge due to high demand and low supply
Condition RatingWell-preserved decks fetch higher values
Authenticity VerificationIncreased importance on provenance and originality

The cultural significance of “Gleaming the Cube” continues to influence the collector’s market, with dedicated fans and serious skateboard collectors all vying for a chance to own a piece of this storied past. An original, well-preserved Gleaming the Cube skateboard deck isn’t just a functional item; it’s a nostalgic cornerstone and a financial investment.

Impact On Modern Skateboard Culture

The Gleaming the Cube Skateboard Deck resonates with fans for its iconic design, influencing the aesthetics of modern skate culture. Its distinct style and nostalgic value have cemented its status among skateboarding enthusiasts, shaping trends and inspiring a new generation of skaters.

Influence On Contemporary Skateboard Design

  • Shape and Construction: The deck’s iconic shape has inspired countless variations, incorporating wider, more stable designs to enhance trick execution.
  • Graphic Design: Its distinctive graphics have become a touchstone for the kind of bold, vibrant artwork that now adorns many modern skateboards.
  • Material Innovations: While maintaining a nod to its origins, contemporary decks often integrate newer, lighter materials influenced by the pioneering efforts of designs like the Gleaming the Cube Skateboard Deck.

Nostalgia And Resurgence In Popularity

  1. Reissues and Limited Editions: Skate brands have tapped into this nostalgia, releasing reissues and limited editions of classic decks, including our revered Gleaming the Cube Skateboard Deck.
  2. Skate Videos and Media: Feature spots in prominent skate videos and social media platforms have brought the iconic deck to the forefront, reintroducing its classic charm to a wider audience.
  3. The Collector’s Market: There’s a thriving collector’s market for original and reissue decks, cementing the Gleaming the Cube Skateboard Deck’s status as both a valuable piece of memorabilia and a functional piece of skate history.

Authenticating Gleaming The Cube Skateboard Decks

Capture the essence of vintage skateboarding with authentic Gleaming the Cube skateboard decks. These iconic boards offer enthusiasts a genuine slice of skate culture, unparalleled in design and nostalgia.

Processional Skateboard Rider
Gleaming the Cube Skateboard Deck

Identifying Genuine Vintage Decks

  • Graphics quality: Vintage decks often have a particular color palette and graphic resolution that modern print technology can’t precisely replicate.
  • Wear and tear: Genuine vintage decks usually show signs of use, like scuff marks or a slightly faded graphic, adding to their authenticity.
  • Serial numbers: Original decks may have serial numbers that can be cross-referenced with manufacturer records.
  • Brand markings: Authentic decks will have correct brand logos and trademarks, often in specific locations on the deck.

With these pointers in mind, enthusiasts can be one step closer to ensuring they acquire a genuine piece of skateboarding history.

Recognizing Replicas And Reproductions

CharacteristicsGenuine VintageReplica
MaterialOriginal era-specific wood and laminationModern materials
ConcavityPeriod-accurate deck shapesModern concave designs
Graphic AlignmentMay have slight imperfectionsUsually perfect, indicative of modern printing

These replicas might look convincing, but they lack the historical value and the subtle nuances that only a vintage deck carries. Knowledge about these distinctions is paramount for collectors and enthusiasts aiming to own a part of skateboarding heritage.

Enduring Impact On Skateboarding History

The ‘Gleaming the Cube’ skateboard deck bears an indelible mark on skateboarding history.

  • Aesthetic Evolution: Its distinctive style and graphics influenced the visual language of skate decks that followed.
  • Technical Progression: It was a catalyst for innovative skateboard design, shaping the modern decks we see today.
  • Cultural Resonance: Featured in the iconic film of the same name, it heralded skateboarding’s mainstream breakthrough.

These contributions are etched in the annals of skate lore, making ‘Gleaming the Cube’ a symbol for the relentless push towards creativity and expression on wheels.

Future Relevance Of The Gleaming The Cube Skateboard Deck

The legacy of the ‘Gleaming the Cube‘ skateboard deck continues to resonate, ensuring its future relevance.

  1. Inspiration for New Generations: Aspiring skaters draw from its storied past, using it as a benchmark for creativity and performance.
  2. Collectible Status: It remains a sought-after collector’s item, preserving a tangible piece of skateboarding heritage.
  3. Design Reference: Skateboard manufacturers often reference its pioneering design elements, marrying tradition with innovation.

Beyond its tangible form, the ‘Gleaming the Cube’ skateboard deck lives on, a lodestar guiding the tireless innovation propelling this vibrant sport forward.

The Bottom Line

The “Gleaming the Cube” deck isn’t just a piece of plywood with cool graphics – it’s a trip down memory lane for some and a fresh take on a classic for others. This WKND board offers a pro build quality, perfect for laying down serious tricks, or cruising with old-school vibes. Whether you’re a Powell Peralta OG or a new skater looking for a unique deck, the “Gleaming the Cube” might just be your next ride. Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta go practice my ollies

Frequently Asked Questions For Gleaming The Cube Skateboard Deck

Q1# What Is A Gleaming The Cube Skateboard Deck?

A Gleaming the Cube Skateboard Deck is a type of skateboard inspired by the iconic 1989 skateboarding film, “Gleaming the Cube. “

Q2# Where To Buy Gleaming Cube Skate Decks?

Gleaming Cube Skate Decks can be purchased from specialized skateboarding shops or online retailers catering to skateboarding equipment and memorabilia.

Q3# Are Gleaming Cube Decks Good For Beginners?

Yes, Gleaming Cube Decks are suitable for beginners due to their classic design and sturdy construction, which offers stability.

Q4# How To Maintain A Skateboard Deck’s Appearance?

Maintain a skateboard deck’s appearance by cleaning it regularly, avoiding moisture, and using protective coatings to prevent scratches and wear.

Q5# What’s Unique About Gleaming Cube Decks?

Gleaming Cube Decks are unique because of their association with skateboarding culture and history, often featuring retro designs and graphics.

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