How to Measure Skateboard Trucks: Your Perfect Guide

To measure skateboard trucks, check the width of the truck’s axle and compare it to the deck’s width. Ensure the axle width matches or is close to your skateboard deck’s width.

Measuring skateboard trucks accurately is crucial for a smooth ride and better control. Skateboard trucks, the metal T-shaped parts mounted on the underside of the skateboard, play a pivotal role in the skateboard’s performance and turning capabilities. It’s essential to have the right size trucks, as they affect your stability and maneuverability.

Selecting the correct size maximizes the effectiveness of your tricks and turns. The process is straightforward yet vital for both beginner and seasoned skaters, ensuring compatibility with their skate style and deck choice. Understanding how to measure skateboard trucks helps in achieving a balanced and responsive skateboarding experience.

Importance of Measuring Skateboard Truck

Imagine trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. That’s what happens when you don’t measure skateboard trucks properly. Sure, you might roll down the street, but you’ll be sacrificing control, stability, and ultimately, your progression as a skater.

How to Measure Skateboard Trucks
How to Measure Skateboard Trucks

So, why is measuring skateboard trucks so important? Buckle up, shredders, because we’re about to dive into the nitty-gritty:

1. Fit is King: Trucks come in various widths, and they need to perfectly match the width of your deck. Too narrow, and your wheels will clip the edge, causing wheelbite and a sudden stop (not the good kind!). Too wide, and your board feels clunky and unstable, like trying to balance on a wobbly table.

2. Finding Your Grind: Truck width also affects your grind height. Wider trucks raise the deck, giving you more clearance for grinds and slides, while narrower trucks keep you closer to the ground for a more technical feel.

3. Pop Goes the Riddle: Truck height plays a role in your ollies and other pop tricks. Higher trucks give you more pop potential, but at the cost of stability and quicker wheelbite. Lower trucks offer better control and less wheelbite, but you might sacrifice a bit of pop height.

4. Turning the Tide: Truck width and height influence how your board turns. Wider trucks offer more stable turning, while narrower trucks feel sharper and more responsive. Consider your skating style and preferred terrain when making this decision.

5. Feel the Flow: It’s all about personal preference! Some skaters like a loose, surfy feel, achieved with softer bushings and higher trucks. Others prefer a tighter, more responsive ride, with harder bushings and lower trucks. Measuring allows you to experiment and find the perfect setup that complements your style and terrain.

Remember, measuring your skateboard trucks is not just about numbers; it’s about finding the perfect balance between control, stability, and personal preference. So grab your tape measure, embrace the science behind the shred, and get ready to carve your own path on the pavement!

Essential Tools for Skateboard Trucks

Keeping your trucks dialed is key to a smooth shred. But how do you know if your axle width matches your deck, or if your hangar angle gives you enough pop? Fear not, skaters, for measuring your trucks is easier than conquering a gnarly stairset. Here’s a quick rundown of the tools you’ll need:

How to Measure Skateboard Trucks

1. T-Tool: Your trusty sidekick. Most T-tools have various socket sizes for adjusting kingpin nuts and axle nuts, making them perfect for basic measurements. Use the kingpin nut socket to measure axle width, simply placing it across the axle heads.

2. Ruler or Tape Measure: For more precise measurements, grab a ruler or tape measure. Measure axle width between the outside edges of the axle heads. For hangar angle, place the ruler against the baseplate and kingpin, forming a right angle.

3. Level (Optional): Want to check your truck angles are even? A small level placed on the baseplates will reveal any imbalances.

Bonus: Got a smartphone with a protractor app? Use it for measuring hangar angle on the go!

Remember: Always tighten your hardware after measuring to ensure a safe ride. With these simple tools and a little know-how, you’ll be mastering truck adjustments like a seasoned shredder in no time. Now get out there and grind with confidence!

Choosing The Right Truck Size

Skateboard trucks connect the wheels to the deck and are critical for maneuverability. The right truck size ensures smooth rides and better control. Let’s explore how to pick the perfect pair for your skateboard.

Factors To Consider

  • Deck width: Match your trucks to your deck for optimal performance.
  • Skating style: Consider the type of skating you do. Street or park skating requires different trucks.
  • Height preference: Higher trucks for cruising, lower trucks for tricks.

Standard Sizing

Selecting the correct truck width is crucial. The aim is zero overhang for the best stability. Here’s a standard sizing guide:

Deck WidthTruck Axle Width
7.5″ – 8.0″7.75″ (197 mm)
8.0″ – 8.5″8.0″ (203 mm)
8.5″ – 9.0″8.5″ (216 mm)
9.0″ – 10.0″9.0″ (229 mm)

Use this table to find the truck size that aligns with your deck. Your skateboard setup will perform at its best when you get the size right.

Measuring The Truck Width

Getting the right skateboard trucks is crucial for a smooth ride. Measuring the truck width is the key. It is simple and ensures perfect fit and balance. Let’s dive into how you can measure skateboard trucks accurately.

Recommended Tools

  • Skateboard truck
  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • Pen and paper (optional for noting measurements)

Step-by-step Process

Follow these steps how to measure skateboard truck width:

  1. Place the skateboard on a flat surface.
  2. Ensure trucks are exposed and accessible.
  3. Measure the truck width from one edge to the other.
  4. Record the measurement at the widest part of the truck.
  5. Note the width in inches as this is the industry standard.
  6. Match this measurement with the deck width for compatibility.

Measure the axle width if you want to know the distance between the wheels. Put the ruler or tape measure across the axle ends. Take note of the measurement in inches. Accurate truck width measurement leads to better stability and control.

Determining Axle Length

Getting your skateboard trucks to match the width of your board is key for a smooth ride. Axle length is critical to this fit. Let’s discover how to measure your skateboard trucks accurately.

How to Measure Skateboard Trucks

Understanding Axle Length

The axle is the long pin that runs through the truck hanger. It’s where wheels attach. Ensuring your axle length aligns with your skateboard deck’s width improves balance and performance. Axle lengths vary so picking the right one is important.

Methods For Measurement

Measuring your truck’s axle determines if it fits your deck. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Grab a ruler or a caliper tool for precise measurements.
  2. Place the tool at one end of the axle.
  3. Extend it to the other end.
  4. Note the measurement at where the axle exits the hanger.
  5. Ensure the truck isn’t attached to the board during measurement.

Use this method for accurate axle lengths. Next, ensure the trucks’ size matches your deck’s width. A good rule of thumb: the axle should be just about the same width as your deck.

Examining Bushing Hardness

The smooth ride of your skateboard largely depends on the bushings in the trucks. Understanding bushing hardness is critical for optimizing performance. Let’s delve into why bushing hardness matters and explore how to test it effectively.

Importance Of Bushing Hardness

Bushing hardness affects turning responsiveness and stability. Find the right hardness for your style:

  • Softer bushings for tighter turns.
  • Harder bushings for higher speed stability.
  • Medium bushings offer a balance.

Methods For Testing

To test bushing hardness, follow these steps:

  1. Use a durometer to measure hardness.
  2. Perform a turn test; notice the resistance.
  3. Check for wear and tear visually.

For a quick reference, see the table below:

HardnessTypeBest for
78A-87ASoftSharp turns
88A-95AMediumBalanced ride
96A-99AHardSpeed & stability

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Measuring Skateboard Trucks

Dialing in your skateboard’s perfect setup starts with precise truck measurements. But even seasoned skaters can fall victim to common missteps. Here’s how to avoid them and achieve ride-transforming accuracy:

1. Measuring on the Wrong Surface: Wobbly measurements mean wobbly rides. Ensure your board rests on a flat, level surface to avoid skewed readings.

2. Wrong Tool, Wrong Job: A ruler is great for baseplate height, but your trusty T-tool shines for axle width. Choose the tool that matches the job for accurate results.

3. Eyeballing it: Forget the squint-and-hope method! Use the tool’s edge to clearly define the point you’re measuring, ensuring consistent and accurate readings.

4. Ignoring the Kingpin: This crucial angle impacts turning sensitivity. Skip measuring it, and you might end up with twitchy turns or sluggish grinds.

5. Forgetting the Double Check: Measurements can be tricky. Double-check each reading to avoid frustrating miscalculations and wasted adjustments.

Bonus Tip: Invest in a quality T-tool with well-defined heads. Stripped nuts and frustration are no fun when fine-tuning your ride.

By dodging these common mistakes, you’ll master the art of truck measurement, unlocking the full potential of your skateboard and your shredding skills. Remember, precise measurements pave the way for precise performance – so grab your tools, get accurate, and get shredding!

Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Measure Skateboard Trucks

Can You Use 8.0 Trucks On 8.5 Deck?

Yes, you can use 8. 0 trucks on an 8. 5 deck, but your skateboard may have less stability due to the narrower trucks.

How Do I Know What Trucks To Get For My Skateboard?

To select the right skateboard trucks, match the width of your skateboard deck to the truck’s axle width. For optimal performance and stability, aim for truck and deck widths that are as close as possible. Check specific brand size charts for the best fit.

Will 5.25 Trucks Fit A 8.25 Deck?

No, 5. 25 trucks are too narrow for an 8. 25 deck. Trucks should match deck width for optimal performance. Choose trucks around 8. 0 to 8. 5 inches for an 8. 25 deck.

How Do You Measure A Skateboard?

easure a skateboard, determine its length from the tip of the nose to the tail end, and its width at the widest point of the deck.


Selecting the right trucks for your skateboard is a foundational step for any rider. Remember to match truck width to your deck size and choose a height that suits your style. With the tips outlined, you’ll find the perfect set, ensuring a smooth ride.

Start rolling with confidence and master your skateboarding experience.

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