Can You Put Longboard Wheels on a Skateboard : Yes or No?

Yes, you can put longboard wheels on a skateboard with the right hardware adjustments. Ensure the skateboard trucks can accommodate the larger wheel size to avoid wheel bite.

Can You Put Longboard Wheels on a Skateboard? Longboard wheels are designed for a smoother ride and greater stability, making them attractive to skateboarders looking to cruise rather than performing technical tricks. Swapping out standard skateboard wheels for longboard ones can transform your skateboarding experience. It’s vital to consider the compatibility of longboard wheels with the skateboard’s trucks, as larger wheels might require riser pads to provide sufficient clearance.

Skaters who want to make this switch prioritize comfort on rough surfaces and desire less vibration during their rides. The transition is relatively straightforward, but it’s important to customize appropriately for the best performance and safety. Choosing to upgrade to longboard wheels on a skateboard opens a new realm of versatility for riders.

Understanding Longboard Wheels And Skateboard Compatibility

Introduction to Understanding Longboard Wheels and Skateboard Compatibility

Skateboard enthusiasts often tinker with their setups to tweak performance or for a touch of personal flair. One modification that sparks curiosity is the mixing and matching of longboard wheels on a traditional skateboard. Understanding the compatibility of longboard wheels with skateboards can help riders make an informed decision on whether this modification is just a cool experiment or a viable performance tweak for their riding style.

Can You Put Longboard Wheels on a Skateboard
Put Longboard Wheels on a Skateboard

Differentiating Longboard Wheels From Skateboard Wheels

Longboard and skateboard wheels appear similar at first glance, but they exhibit distinct characteristics catered to their specific uses. Longboard wheels are typically larger and softer, designed for smooth cruising and stability at higher speeds. Conversely, skateboard wheels are smaller and harder for technical tricks and maneuverability in skate parks.

Longboard WheelsSkateboard Wheels
Wider contact patchNarrower contact patch
Softer urethaneHarder urethane
Better for rough surfacesOptimized for smooth skateparks
Larger diameterSmaller diameter

Factors Affecting Wheel Compatibility

When considering swapping in longboard wheels on a skateboard, several factors pose as either enablers or barriers to compatibility:

  • Wheel Size – The diameter and width of longboard wheels may require additional clearance to avoid wheel bite.
  • Wheel Bite – Using riser pads can help prevent longboard wheels from making contact with the deck during turns.
  • Truck Size – The trucks on a skateboard might be too narrow to accommodate wider longboard wheels without adjustments.
  • Skating Discipline – Your preferred style of skating could be adversely affected if the wheel change compromises trick execution.
  • Hardware Compatibility – Ensuring that the bearings and spacers fit properly with longboard wheels is crucial for a safe and effective setup.

Riser pads and larger trucks are common go-to solutions to retrofit longboard wheels onto a skateboard. But these modifications don’t just allow the larger wheels to fit; they change the dynamics of the board. The higher center of gravity may impact stability, and the softer wheels will alter the grip and slide characteristics.

Instructive Note

It’s essential for skateboarders to weigh the advantages of improved roll speed and comfort against the possible downsides like decreased agility and trick limitation. Each component interacts with one another, which influences the overall skating experience.

Assessing The Impact Of Longboard Wheels On Skateboard Performance

In the diverse world of skateboarding, customization is key, and one question that ignites curiosity is whether longboard wheels can be fitted onto a skateboard for enhanced performance. This intriguing fusion sparks a myriad of possibilities, but also raises important questions about the impacts on how the board rides. Let’s delve into the dynamics of this hybrid setup and explore just how longboard wheels might revolutionize your skateboarding experience.

Speed And Stability

Longboard wheels are renowned for their larger diameter and softer urethane composition compared to traditional skateboard wheels. This unique design can greatly influence the characteristics of your skateboard in the following ways:

  • Larger wheels tend to retain higher speeds after gaining momentum, which can be advantageous for cruising.
  • Softer wheels absorb road vibrations, resulting in a smoother ride that may increase stability, particularly on rough pavement.
  • The enhanced grip of longboard wheels can offer a more secure contact with the ground, therefore, lessening the chances of sliding during rapid movements.

However, the added height and weight can affect the skateboard’s responsiveness, a trade-off that needs consideration based on the intended use. If you’re seeking that thrill of downhill rides or prolonged cruising, longboard wheels can be your ally for a faster, steadier journey.

Maneuverability And Control

While speed and stability are significant advantages, maneuverability and control are equally vital when considering longboard wheels on a skateboard. Here’s what to expect:

  • Softer and larger wheels can potentially make sharp turns and technical tricks more challenging.
  • The increased turning radius may demand more effort and adjustment in how you handle your skateboard.
  • Bushings and trucks may require tightening to compensate for the extra wheel size and maintain a level of control you’re comfortable with.

The modulations in control can be more pronounced when navigating through congested areas or performing stunts. For skaters who prioritize agility and precision, finding a balance between wheel size and the skateboard’s original performance characteristics will be key.

Modifying A Skateboard To Accommodate Longboard Wheels

Modifying a skateboard to accommodate longboard wheels is a popular tweak many skateboard enthusiasts consider for a variety of reasons, including a smoother ride on rough terrains or simply for the aesthetic. To successfully modify your skateboard without compromising on stability and performance, understanding the technical adjustments to the hardware is critical.

Adjusting The Wheelbase

Making room for larger wheels means addressing the wheelbase — that’s the distance between your skateboard’s trucks. A bigger wheelbase grants more space for those oversized longboard wheels to revolve without hitting the deck, often referred to as wheelbite. To adjust the wheelbase, consider:

  • Measuring your skateboard’s current wheelbase and comparing it with the longboard wheel size.
  • Drilling new holes for the trucks to provide the necessary clearance.
  • Using riser pads to increase the distance between the deck and the wheels, if drilling is not an option.

Evaluating Truck Compatibility

Longboard wheels usually require wider trucks to match their larger diameter and width. This means that:

  • Existing skateboard trucks may be too narrow, potentially leading to an unstable ride.
  • New, wider trucks might be required to ensure proper fit and performance.
  • The hole pattern of the new trucks should match your skateboard’s deck to avoid additional modifications.

In cases where compatibility is straightforward, the swap is relatively easy. However, when there’s a mismatch, it’s essential to choose the right trucks that align with both the deck and the longboard wheels, prioritizing stability and safety while cruising.

Considering The Advantages Of Using Longboard Wheels On A Skateboard

Customizing a skateboard with longboard wheels garners attention among enthusiasts aiming for a unique skating experience. This hybrid approach combines the agile structure of a skateboard with the cruising comfort of longboard wheels. Below, explore the specific benefits this setup can offer and why it might just be the upgrade to roll with.

Put Longboard Wheels on a Skateboard
Put Longboard Wheels on a Skateboard

Smooth Ride On Rough Terrain

Longboard wheels on a skateboard can transform a bumpy ride into a comfortable glide. Traditional skateboard wheels are smaller and harder, designed for tricks and smooth surfaces. In contrast, longboard wheels, with their larger diameter and softer urethane formula, provide a significantly smoother ride on various terrains.

  • Absorption of vibrations: The size and softness of longboard wheels help in damping road vibrations, making sidewalk cracks and pebbles less of an obstacle.
  • Improved stability: Larger wheels contribute to a more stable platform, especially at higher speeds.

Enhanced Grip And Versatility

Skaters who prefer a more versatile setup will appreciate the enhanced grip that longboard wheels offer. Due to their increased contact area with the ground and softer material, they adhere to the surface more efficiently, providing more control during rides. This can be particularly beneficial in the following scenarios:

Riding ConditionBenefit of Longboard Wheels
Downhill skatingImproved traction reduces slip during high-speed descents.
Sharp turnsIncrease in wheel-to-ground contact enhances turn response.
Wet surfacesSofter wheels are less prone to hydroplaning, offering better wet grip.

Overall, the flexibility to customize a skateboard with longboard wheels caters to riders seeking comfort and adaptability. Whether navigating everyday commutes or weaving through unpredictable paths, this setup is a testament to the innovative spirit of skateboarding culture.

Exploring Potential Drawbacks Of Using Longboard Wheels On A Skateboard

Skateboard enthusiasts often experiment with hardware changes to enhance their experience, and swapping in longboard wheels presents an intriguing modification. While this can offer a smoother ride on rough terrains, exploring potential drawbacks of using longboard wheels on a skateboard is crucial for skaters contemplating this switch. The following sections delve into the challenges one might encounter with this setup.

Reduced Flip Trick Performance

Longboard wheels are typically larger and softer compared to standard skateboard wheels. This makes them less than ideal for executing precision flip tricks. Here’s why:

  • Larger size and added weight can impede the board’s flip speed, impacting trick timing and execution.
  • Softer wheels tend to grip the riding surface more, which might cause inconsistencies during tricks that require a quick release from the ground.

Skaters aiming for a repertoire filled with technical flips and aerial maneuvers may find that longboard wheels compromise their performance, leading to a suboptimal skateboarding experience.

Potential Wheelbite Issues

The term ‘wheelbite’ occurs when the wheel contacts the skateboard deck during turns or tricks, which can result in an abrupt stop and potential falls. Transitioning to longboard wheels increases the risk of wheelbite, especially if modifications to the board setup are not made. Consider the following:

Wheel SizeLongboard wheels are typically larger in diameter and might not fit the clearance provided by standard skateboard trucks.
Riser PadsAdding riser pads can increase the distance between the wheels and deck, mitigating wheelbite risks.
Truck TightnessTightening the trucks reduces the turning radius but also reduces chances of wheelbite; however, it compromises maneuverability.

Skaters must be prepared to incorporate adjustments like riser pads or tighter trucks when using longboard wheels. Without these, the increased likelihood of wheelbite poses a significant safety concern.

Tips For Successfully Upgrading Skateboard Wheels To Longboard Wheels

Curiosity may strike you about the possibility of enhancing your skateboarding experience by switching to longboard wheels. Interesting to note, the answer is a resounding yes! Longboard wheels can indeed be put on a skateboard, giving you a ride that’s often smoother and more suited for cruising and carving. For those eager to enjoy the high-speed stability and shock absorption benefits, here lies a complete guide sprinkled with essential tips to upgrade your wheels successfully.

Choosing The Right Longboard Wheels For Your Skateboard

The key to a successful upgrade is selecting wheels that complement your skating style and board setup. Here’s a snapshot to tackle this:

Durometer (Wheel Hardness)SizeContact PatchShape
Softer wheels (75A-85A) absorb bumps on rough terrain.Larger wheels provide a smoother ride.A wider patch means more grip.Round edges are better for smooth transitions.
  • Measure your skateboard: Ensure the wheels fit without causing wheel bite.
  • Consider the bearing size: Standard skateboard bearings fit longboard wheels.
  • Think about your style: Heavier wheels may alter trick performance.

Proper Installation And Maintenance

Making sure your new longboard wheels are properly installed will prevent accidents and keep your ride in top condition. Follow these steps:

  1. Check compatibility: Verify that the wheels fit the skateboard’s trucks.
  2. Use spacers and washers: They provide stability and reduce friction.
  3. Tighten the nuts: Secure but not too tight as to impede wheel spin.
  4. Regular maintenance: Clean bearings and check wheel tightness regularly.

Perform periodic inspections of the wheels and bearings. Cleaning the bearings ensures longevity and smooth rides. Additionally, checking for any signs of wear or damage allows for timely replacements, should it be required.

Testimonials And Case Studies Of Skateboarders Using Longboard Wheels

Welcome to the thrilling topic of skateboarding versatility where we dive into the Testimonials and Case Studies of Skateboarders Using Longboard Wheels. Those who love to experiment find themselves at a crossroads – will the smooth glide of longboard wheels elevate the classic skateboard experience? Through real-world experiments and feedback, we get to uncover the mystery behind this intriguing setup.

can you put longboard wheels on a regular skateboard
Can You Put Longboard Wheels on a Skateboard

Real-life Experiences And Reviews

Skaters around the globe have bravely ventured into the realm of swapping their traditional skateboard wheels with those designed for longboarding. This mash-up has led to a wave of insightful testimonials that shed light on the practical outcomes of such a change.

  • Increased ride comfort: On rough surfaces, many reported a notably smoother ride, citing the shock absorption capabilities of the larger, softer longboard wheels.
  • Effortless cruising: The easier push-off and the ability to maintain speed with less effort was a highlight among long-distance skateboard commuters.
  • Adjustment period: Some skaters noted a need for time to adjust to the changed responsiveness and height due to the bigger wheels.

Diverse feedback points to the conclusion that while the combination won’t suit everyone’s skate style, it certainly opens up new possibilities for riders looking for a different kind of pavement interaction.

Performance Comparisons And Insights

Digging deeper into this hybrid setup, enthusiasts have conducted performance comparisons to truly gauge the impact of longboard wheels on a skateboard. These anecdotal case studies offer a valuable perspective on what to expect.

AspectSkateboard WheelsLongboard Wheels
Terrain AdaptabilityLimited to smoother surfacesHandles varied terrains with ease
ManeuverabilityHighly maneuverable for tricksReduced for technical maneuvers
Speed RetentionRequires frequent pushingGreater due to size and softness
StabilitySuitable for tricks and flipsIncreased for cruising and downhill

Individual experiences varied, but many echoed similar sentiments: longboard wheels can transform a skateboard into a cruiser adept at handling longer distances and rougher terrain, yet they tend to detract from the skateboard’s agility needed for traditional street tricks.

To sum up, the idea of placing longboard wheels on a skateboard goes beyond a simple hardware swap. It’s an exploration into the boundaries of skateboarding, where personal preference and skating style are the ultimate deciding factors.

Frequently Asked Questions On Can You Put Longboard Wheels On A Skateboard

Are Longboard Wheels Interchangeable With Skateboard Wheels?

Longboard wheels can be fitted onto skateboards, but they are typically larger, which may require riser pads to avoid wheel bite during turns.

Do Longboard Wheels Improve Skateboard Ride Quality?

Using longboard wheels on a skateboard can provide smoother rides on rough surfaces due to their size and softness, but may affect trick performance.

What Are Riser Pads In Skateboard Customization?

Riser pads are spacers placed between the skateboard deck and trucks to increase clearance, thus preventing wheel bite, especially when using larger wheels.

Will Longboard Wheels Fit All Skateboard Trucks?

Longboard wheels may fit skateboard trucks but could necessitate wider trucks or spacers to accommodate their size and prevent wheel rubbing against the deck.

Can Standard Skateboards Use Longboard Bearings?

Longboard bearings are universally sized and can be used in both longboard and skateboard wheels, ensuring compatibility for rotation and fit.


Swapping longboard wheels onto a skateboard is possible with the right equipment, opening the door to a smoother ride. This hybrid setup enables skaters to experience the best of both worlds, ensuring both versatility and adventure on their rides. Remember, bearing compatibility and truck adjustments are key for a successful transition.

Happy skating!

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